Contenders for the award are usually selected by the expert council. Apart from journalists and officials of the RBC holding, famous St. Petersburg entrepreneurs become jurymen. Public opinion was also taken into account — those who read news by the RBC St. Petersburg took part in a public vote.

According to the organizers, the RBC Award aims at looking for new heroes who contribute to the well-being and prosperity of St. Petersburg through effective management and business activities.

Mr. Vasilyev became one of these heroes this year. He became the best "State Official" and was awarded for developing business oriented activities at university. Under the guidance of the rector, the leading IT university in Russia entered THE World University Rankings 2016−2017. As a newcomer it gained high marks. Its dynamic of quality indexes growth was appreciated a lot. Another achievement judges marked was that ITMO sold a share of its company "Quantum Communications" to a Russian state company — that was an example of how the university reached the innovative market.

According to Evgenia Zinina, head of the Organizing Committee of the award, every day we read news from all over the world, discuss urban problems and local scandals but know nothing about people who work here in St. Petersburg and create internationally competitive and high tech products.

"These people gather soulmates who organize communities that help and support. They invest in real business projects, open new positions and contribute to the economy," says the expert.