According to Kirill Bodrov, co-head of the OLYMP Laboratory, Eco Game Jam is an educational program for schoolers that is dedicated to the basics of programming and game development. After a two-month course, its students are to participate in a hackathon where they will test their skills "in field" and try to create ecology-themed computer games. Shortly after, there will be a festival where these games will be presented, and the best fledgling developers will get awards for their efforts. More detailed information on the event will be available at the beginning of January.

"I guess there's no need to explain why we should draw attention to ecological problems. Video game industry develops really fast, and can be a great tool of communication," shares Kirill Bodrov.

The OLYMP Laboratory regularly participates in different events in the city, such as the TECH Weekend, the "Common Factor" series of lectures and the BRAINFEST online festival. The Laboratory's staff and students read lectures and actively participate in internship programs dedicated to "maker culture". According to Kirill Bodrov, after organizing the "Easyfest" and "Easy!" festivals, OLYMP got many contacts with people who are interested in such events and want to learn from the experience OLYMP is always ready to share.

"We want to show people that there’s nothing they can't accomplish. Most of our projects are fueled with the participant's enthusiasm, most of them being newcomers to what we do. They often ask us something like: "I am a total dummy. Will I be able to construct my own 3D printer?". "Sure", we answer. There's nothing difficult in it — you just make the frame, fix the motors, connect the electronics, and here it is! Many people surrender even before they try something — they doubt their abilities. What we do is show them that any idea can be brought to life, and help them find associates", explains Mr. Bodrov.

You can read more about the OLYMP Laboratory and its many projects here.

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