The jury chose the 12 best departments which were awarded first, second and third place in different groups. The selection of winners was chosen on the basis of several criteria: achievements in science, participation in the admission campaign, openness of the department and others.

The top three departments were: Department of Computer Science and Control Systems, Department of Nano-Photonics and Metamaterials, and the Department of Photonics and Optical Information Technologies. The prize for the winners was 200,000 rubles each.

Second place was given to Department of Secure Information Technologies, Department of IT in the Fuel and Energy Industry, and the Department of Mechatronics, winning a cash prize of 150,000 rubles each.

In third place were six departments, each receiving 100,000 rubles. Amongst them were Department of State Information Systems Management, The Higher School of Lighting Design, Department of Optical Physics and Modern Natural Science, Department of Computer Engineering and Design, Department of Informatics and Applied Mathematics, and Department of Applied and Computer Optics.

During the meeting, the best students at ITMO University also received awards by the Academic Council. The University’s Rector, Vladimir Vasilyev also shared a few words before the awards in honor of the University’s 117th year since its founding.

"The University’s birthday differs from a typical birthday, in the sense that the University prepares gifts for itself during the entire previous year, and on this special day we remember its best accomplishments," explained Vladimir Vasilyev.

The Rector talked about one of the most recent gifts, which the University received on the eve of its birthday. After ITMO’s representatives presented the University’s successes of 2016 and plans for 2017 to the Project 5−100 International Council, the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation published the decision of the International Board as to where ITMO would be placed and how much funding it would receive as part of the project. It was placed in the leading group, together with five other universities.

"We have clear plans for the future. We want to advance in the international rankings during the coming year. I am certain that in March 2018, during the University’s 118th anniversary celebration, I will talk about the new heights we have reached. And behind each of these achievements will be the hard work of students and staff of the University. I would like to wish all of you the necessary energy and creativity needed for formulating and implementing these goals that will always distinguish our University," explained Vladimir Vasilyev.