“Photonics. The World of Lasers and Optics” is the largest exhibition of laser technologies and optical electronics equipment. The event is always supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This year the exhibition brought together 160 companies from 10 countries. ITMO University developers and researchers are constant participants of its` sessions – they present photonic and optical technologies referring to the main research majors of ITMO University.

Anastasiya Poteeva, acting head of Office of Marketing Research in Education and Science shared the achievements and contacts reached at the exhibition: “Our Office has been organizing the participation of ITMO University at this exhibition for almost two years. This year ITMO`s stand attracted much more visitors and potential clients than last year. Having visited the stand many representatives of companies intended to collaborate with the University. We are also going to support these contacts,” noted Ms. Poteeva.

Some five research centers of ITMO University presented their projects at the exhibition. Research Institute of Laser Physics headed by Andrey Mak, presented 2 prototypes of lasers with passive Q-switch and lamp pumping. The specialists of Chair of Optical Information Technologies and Materials headed by Nikolay Nikiforov, exhibited various diffraction gratings, non-liner optical filters, multi-function optical glasses, laser glass ceramics, luminescence materials for light emitting diodes, chloride and bromide photo-thermo-refractive glasses and narrow-band filters for laser diodes. The representatives of International Center for Photonics and Optical Information demonstrated a quantum communicative system. ITMO University`s experts also presented a deflectometer based on technologies of optical electronics for deformation control of docks and other types of oversized equipment (Chair of Optical-Electronic Devices and Systems,) hardware-software solution for color laser metal marking (International Laboratory for Laser and Micro-Nanotechnologies headed by Vadim Veiko.)

The scientists of ITMO University also took part in the presentation session of the exhibition. Thus Galina Odintsova, researcher at Chair of Laser Technologies and Instrumentation, made the report titled as “Hardware-Software Solution “Minimarker-COLOR” for color laser marking of titanium alloys and other metals.”

“The fact that entrepreneurs were interested in our inventions proved that optical and photonic projects developed by ITMO University are necessary for modern industry. For example, the number of potential clients interested in quantum cryptography system developed by researchers of Chair of Photonics and Optical Information, has significantly increased. Thus we were asked many questions and offered various projects. Moreover, this exhibition was a wonderful opportunity to meet with our partners and discuss further collaboration,” said Artur Gleim, participant of the Exhibition and engineer of Chair of Photonics and Optical Information.