According to the rules, any international or Russian professor, who has received PhD degree abroad or has provided research activities at the top-ranked universities, can take part in Academic Professorship program. The applicants have to present their series of lectures consisted of at least three units. The candidates also should describe their requirements for students and a grading system, which they are going to use. Furthermore all lectures have to be given in English. Those who present the best courses helping to develop unique skills and obtain new competences will be invited to serve as ITMO University lecturer.

“This project is open for all departments that can increase the quality of their educational services by inviting international colleagues. Academic Professorship is one more contribution to internationalization process of the University. This year we are going to invite more than 15 professors. It is very important for us to develop professor exchange activities,” noted Daria Kozlova, Vice Rector for International Relations.

Zeev Zalevski prepared his lectures for fourth year students of Applied and Computer Optics Chair and then headed the practical-oriented classes in a research lab. The course was called Modeling of ultra high-resolution optical systems applied to medical device engineering and analysis of human body systems using optical methods.

“I constantly serve as a researcher in Israel but at the same time cooperate with colleagues from all over the world. For instance, I was one of visiting professors of Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg in Germany and took part in a program for professors, which is equivalent to Academic Professorship, at Ryerson University in Canada. I like teaching students from different countries; it gives an opportunity to learn more about various mentalities and make new contacts with future colleagues because these students will become university researchers,” said Mr. Zalevski.

At the end of the training the students presented Zeev Zalevski their projects and then received his feedback and useful advices.

According to the first winner of Academic Professorship, communication with international students helps him to improve his teaching skills. Thanks to globalization processes students from all over the world have more and more common features. As for Russian young researchers they have to improve their English language skills.

The representatives of Applied and Computer Optics Chair appreciate collaboration with the international researcher; they are also going to attract more professors through Academic Professorship program.

“We included Medical optical devices course made by Mr. Zalevski before the beginning of the academic year. Being interested in working at ITMO University the researcher will take part in scientific projects together with the colleagues from the Chair,” said Alexei Bakholdin, head of Chair of Applied and Computer Optics.