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  • Student Spotlight: Abhuluimen Hilary Ehizua, Nigeria

    From navigating a new language to enduring harsh winters, Abhuluimen Hilary Ehizua’s journey, as well as his passion for basketball and dreams of launching an electronics company are, indeed, inspiring. Read on to learn more about this talented young man from Nigeria.


  • Student Spotlight: Aveen Hussein, Syria

    Meet Aveen Hussein, who, after earning her Bachelor's degree in Damascus, set her sights on Russia to further her studies. Soon to begin her Master's studies in system and applied software at ITMO, she hopes to polish her skills to a more advanced level. Aveen's journey is marked by determination, new friendships, and a deep appreciation for the beauty and vibrancy of St. Petersburg. Read on to learn more!


  • Student Spotlight: Srijeeta Barua, India

    Meet Srijeeta Barua, a second-year Bachelor’s student in physics from Adamas University, Kolkata, currently interning at ITMO University's Faculty of Physics. Enthusiastic about electromagnetism and particle physics, Srijeeta shares her journey from Kolkata to St. Petersburg, her passion for physics, and the exciting projects she's working on in antenna design in this week’s Student Spotlight. 


  • Student Spotlight: Tameem Maher Bourgi, Yemen

    Student life in St. Petersburg – a tale of challenges and triumphs! Tameem Maher Bourgi, a first-year Bachelor’s student from Yemen, opens up about his journey from Sana’a to St. Petersburg in this latest interview with ITMO.NEWS. Through ups and downs, he has thoroughly enjoyed his new life in Russia. Read on and get inspired. 


  • Student Spotlight: Mikael Jima, Ethiopia

    In this insightful interview, we speak with Mikael Jima from Ethiopia, a PhD student in chemical engineering at ITMO. Talking with ITMO.NEWS, he shares his academic background, motivation for choosing ITMO, and his intriguing research on auxetic materials. Mikael also provides a glimpse into his life in St. Petersburg, offering practical advice for future PhD students. Read on!


  • Student Spotlight: Emad Ateefa, Yemen

    Meet Emad Saleh Ateefa, a 21-year-old from Yemen drawn to Russia by its rich scientific history, who is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in design and technology of electronic devices at ITMO. Join us in learning about Emad’s Yemeni heritage and his experience of navigating new horizons.


  • Student Spotlight: Pankaj Kumar, India

    Meet Pankaj, a dynamic student from Haryana (India) with a surprising collection of academic degrees! Inspired by YouTube vlogs and motivated by scholarships, he left a PhD program in India to pursue further studies in Russia. Speaking to ITMO.NEWS, he shares his perspective on the two nations’ educational systems, life as an international student, and his future plans.


  • Student Spotlight: Tugsbilguun Tuvshinbayar, Mongolia

    Meet Tugsbilguun, a soon-to-be graduate of the Master’s program FoodTech, whose journey of academic and cultural exploration has taken him from Ulaanbaatar to St. Petersburg and then… to South Korea! In this interview, we’ll learn about the experiences, challenges, and cultural exchanges that have shaped him not just academically, but also personally.


  • Student Spotlight: Dicko Kante, Mali

    Meet Dicko Kante, an ambitious 18-year-old from Bamako, Mali, the city where her story began. Now in St. Petersburg, she’s studying information security at ITMO, a subject she has been passionate about since childhood. In this interview, we will learn about Dicko’s experiences, inspirations, and aspirations, offering a glimpse into her life as she forges a name for herself in the world of cybersecurity.


  • Student Spotlight: Jawed Bahshari, Afghanistan

    In a dynamic blend of academic pursuit and entrepreneurial spirit, Jawed Bahshari from Afghanistan has found his stride at ITMO. With a passion for computer science and a knack for database management systems (DBMS), Jawed embarked on a journey that led him from Kabul to St. Petersburg. Let’s find out more about him and his ambitions in today’s interview.