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  • Like Doesn’t Cure Like: Homeopathy and Its Fake Medications

    Disputes on the effectiveness of homeopathy appeared a couple of centuries ago, when this field was invented, and remain relevant till these days. Recently, the Committee for Pseudoscience Control of the Russian Academy of Sciences released a memorandum devoted to criticism of homeopathy.


  • Singlet Oxygen and UV Emission, or Why Winter Strolls Are Good for Your Health

    Eating carrots improves one's eyesight, garlic heals cold, and stress can make your hair go grey. These are only few of the myths surrounding human health; some are more trustworthy, some — less. Egor Yasenko, a research student from the Department of Ecology and Technical Sphere Protection, has recently succeeded in proving one such concept — that taking walks on cold sunny days is great for one's health. The scientific reason for this is that under such weather conditions, more singlet oxygen is produced by ice crystals.