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  • Winter Holidays: Russian Orthodox Christmas

    Christmas with no Santa, red outfits, numerous gifts and celebrated seven days after the New Year? No, it’s not a successful project by the Grinch. It’s Russian Orthodox Christmas.


  • Winter Holidays in St. Petersburg: Merry Christmas!

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! St. Petersburg, the most European of Russian cities, is all set to kick off the holiday season in style.


  • Relocation Tips: Winter Activities and Beating the Blues

    Winter in St. Petersburg! A wonderful time, if you know how to spend it - and don’t let the cold fool you: this is no time for slumber and there are plenty of things to do around the city. Just take a walk down Nevsky Prospect and soak in the holiday spirit! And if you’re not sure how to entertain yourself, we’ve rounded up some tips and ideas.


  • Winter Holidays in St. Petersburg: Hanukkah

    This year, the Jewish Festival of Light – Hanukkah – takes place from December 12 to 20. St. Petersburg has a rich Jewish history and is the site of Europe’s second largest synagogue. The story of Hanukkah has to do with oil – so it’s also a time when you’re free to stuff yourself with all kinds of fried goods like doughnuts and latkes! Whether you’re interested in exploring your own heritage or looking to learn more about a different culture, there are quite a few events in the city – check them out:


  • Experience St. Petersburg: Hot Winter Drinks

    As the weather gets colder, it’s the perfect time to reach for a heart-warming beverage to brighten up a dreary winter day. Thankfully, the talents of St. Petersburg's chefs have translated to sumptuous and nurturing potions that blend traditional Russian and exotic flavors. Here’re what to try: