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  • Experience Is a Must: American Experts on Business-University Cooperation

    A university's profile depends not on rankings, but on how its graduates succeed, believe Casey Sax, vice chancellor of West Virginia's Department of Vocational and Technical Education, and Inta Morris, head of the International Office of the Department of Higher Education of Colorado (USA). The experts came to ITMO University to find more about its entrepreneurial infrastructure. The American colleagues are sure that in both Russia and the USA, education shares the same goal: to train its graduates 100% ready for future work. In an interview to ITMO.NEWS, they've shared about why it is important to focus on demands of particular enterprises, and how the graduates' quality affects the economics of the whole region.


  • ITMO Has Yet Again Made It Into Webometrics

    According to the results of Webometrics Ranking of World Universities, ITMO placed 836th, which is 28 positions higher than last year, and took 6th place among Russian universities. This time Webometrics changed the conditions for the "Impact" criterion, but ITMO is still maintaining its position.


  • 10 Things We Are Proud of in 2016

    Awards, medals, rankings, competitions, and lots of new beginnings at ITMO University in 2016. What a fantastic year! Turning challenges into opportunities? Bring it on! Here are some of the highlights. This year, ITMO University became one of the leaders of Project 5−100, launched its very own science communication program, received a UNESCO medal, a QS-Apple award, and the title of "Rising Star" by Nature Index and much much more. Let’s see how it all played out season by season.


  • Rossiya Segodnya: ITMO is Among Russia’s Top Engineering Schools

    On December 15th, the Rossiya Segodnya news agency presented the national rankings of Russia's universities with regard to the demands of Russian economy. There were 446 universities included in the study and divided into several groups by their profile. ITMO University came second among engineering schools all over Russia.


  • HackerRank Platform: ITMO has the World’s Best Programmers

    The HackerRank technological company has presented its rankings of leading universities in programming. ITMO University, the university of six-time champions of the world's biggest contest in sports programming ACM ICPC, was named best out of the top-50 universities in the world. Saint Petersburg State University, whose team won the ACM ICPC contest this year, was also included in the list, taking 6th place.


  • ITMO Rises in RAEX National Ranking

    The agency RAEX Analytics has published its 11th annual ranking of the best Russian universities. For the fifth time in a row, ITMO University is featured among the top 15 of the ranking, this year being 13th on the list. All in all, the agency evaluated 206 out of 704 universities throughout Russia.