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  • ITMO’s Rebranding Is Project of the Year According to Delovoy Peterburg Media

    At an award ceremony on April 27, Delovoy Peterburg, a major St. Petersburg-based media, named ITMO’s rebranding Project of the Year in the field of education.


  • ITMO 2030 Development Strategy: Open Call for Projects Receives 50+ Applications

    Applications are now closed for the open call for projects within ITMO’s 2030 Development Strategy. Across the five categories, a total of 58 submissions were received – including eight by teams from other universities and businesses.


  • ITMO Named Best Within Priority 2030 Program

    Last year marked the launch of Priority 2030, a national program aimed at comprehensive development of the Russian higher education system. According to a recent performance review conducted by the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education, ITMO has demonstrated the highest results among the participants of the program’s research leadership track. This achievement secured the university with an additional 820 million rubles in funding to be received alongside the core part of the grant in 2023.


  • ITMO Introduces New Logo and Style

    The new design is a result of ITMO University’s growth over the past few years. It reflects goals set as part of the new Open-Source University program. Find out more about the changes and underlying reasons in this article.


  • How to Join ITMO’s First Large-Scale Study of Academic Quality of Life

    ITMO University is launching a large-scale study of health and quality of life in the academic environment. Over the course of three weeks (June 6-24), any ITMO staff member and student can make their contribution to science and learn more about their health. The study is part of the university’s strategic project Well-Being and its results will directly affect the quality of services that are being developed for members of ITMO.Family. Read all about the study, how to take part in it, and why it will benefit everybody.


  • Researchers Present New Synthesis Method for Optically Active Carbon Nanodots

    One of the most remarkable carbon-based nanomaterials are luminescent carbon dots, the physical and chemical properties of which are easy to control. Thanks to their low toxicity, these particles are said to possess great potential in the fields of biology and medicine. Carbon dots are made from organic substances; if their precursor contains a chiral center, the resulting nanoparticles will be chiral, too. These particles have various application prospects, including in medical diagnostics. Researchers from ITMO University and St. Petersburg State University, in collaboration with their international colleagues, have developed a new way to synthesize such nanoparticles with stable optical properties.


  • ITMO Open Science Rocks Festival Takes Place at Sevkabel

    ITMO University’s festival Open Science Rocks that took place at Sevkabel Port proved that science truly rocks! Throughout the day, both experienced and young scientists, including school and university students, discussed their projects, achievements, and future plans. Read on to find out more.


  • FAQ: Dealing With Anxiety

    There are many reasons why we might feel anxiety – from global events and crises to exams or our everyday chores. But what are the mechanisms behind it? And are there any experimentally proven ways to overcome anxiety? With these questions, we turned to researchers from ITMO’s Center for Neuroscience in Education, headed by Maxim Likhanov, a participant of ITMO’s Fellowship & Professorship program. The center has recently launched a project aiming to develop and implement techniques that will improve the mental well-being of ITMO students.


  • ITMO Is Hiring: Vacancies for Projects Within 2030 Development Strategy

    ITMO is looking for specialists to join the projects within the 2030 Development Strategy – all opportunities will be posted on the official website. The current list of specialists includes researchers – PhD students and postdocs, as well as engineers and lab assistants. Read on to learn more about job requirements and opportunities offered to future employees. 


  • First Project Defenses Held as Part of ITMO’s 2030 Development Strategy

    A recent session of ITMO University’s Coordination Council included an interim review of the first projects implemented as part of the university’s 2030 Development Strategy. Four teams reported on their progress thus far; instead of a formal report, the defenses took place as open discussions. In addition, project members conducted tours of their laboratories and showed their working process. Read on to learn more in this ITMO.NEWS report.