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  • Atompunk, Horror, and More: Video Games by Russian Developers

    Apart from the pioneering Tetris and the memeable Lizards Must Die, the Russian game scene can boast a heap of other binge-worthy video games, much loved by gamers in Russia and beyond.


  • 5 Paintings To See in Hermitage’s General Staff Building

    With its trove of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist masterpieces, the General Staff Building, part of the grand Hermitage Museum, may be quite overwhelming to first-time visitors as other St. Petersburg attractions. If tackling the museum’s premises seems like a challenge to you, zero in on these five must-sees to gain a rather sharp cross-section of its permanent collection.


  • Russian Ads We Quote Every Day

    Previously, we’ve told you about the ads that, for one reason or another, stay with us for years on end. Today, we’re looking at the ones that have gone even further and entered our private lexicon – or even the public consciousness. Next time you hear a Russian friend say one of these puzzling lines, you might just know exactly what they’re talking about.


  • 5 Classic Russian Plays You Should Know

    Apart from novels and poems, Russian literature can boast a myriad of other poetic and literary gems, with plays being no less popular or beloved. To get you familiar with the genre, here are the top five plays that every Russian knows – and can even give you a quote or two.


  • Fun & Wacky Sports to Try in St. Petersburg: Part 2

    If you’ve checked out the first part of this series and are craving even more endorphin-pumping activities, both indoor and outdoor, here's what to try next.


  • Quick Fix: Breakfast Ideas for All Kinds of Mornings

    Whether you have a set lineup for your mornings or made a bad habit of skipping your breakfast altogether, you may want to give a try to one of these delicious yet super-easy recipes from a lazy cook’s guide.


  • Even More Co-Op Games To Play With Your Friends

    If you already know why pigs and rainy rooftops are no good, you might be craving a new adventure you and your game buddy could embark on. Would it be a hilarious action with definitely-not-a-vampire Vlad? Or maybe a heartfelt story of yarnies chasing a spark? And what about your favorite movie characters… turned minifigs? Read on to find your next co-op obsession for PC or console.


  • 5 Unique Characters in Russian Literature

    From living statues to fluffy misfits and creatures of no breed, Russian literature can boast a great collection of characters that will leave you in awe – akin to those coming from abroad.


  • Fun & Wacky Sports to Try in St. Petersburg

    Whether you’re eager to add some spark to your workout or would like to pick up a new sport, these five activities will do the job for you.


  • What’s New: An Updated Guide to Telegram

    Whether you’re a newbie to the world of Telegram or an experienced user, these tips and tricks will make your life in the app way more convenient, enjoyable, and even stylish.