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  • ITMO Scientists Develop Novel Hybrid Material to Prevent Post-Surgical Infection

    Even though medicine has made huge strides in recent years, around 10-20% of all patients still fall victim to infection-related postoperative complications caused by sterilization issues or overly resistant bacteria in hospitals. Since infection sites are typically hard to detect, researchers from ITMO’s SCAMT Institute have created a new suture material that will make it possible to track the spread of infection in real time. 


  • Scientists Developed Enzymes with Remote Control

    Researchers from ITMO University developed a method to enhance the activity of enzymes by using radio frequency radiation. The method requires making a special complex consisting of enzymes and magnetic nanoparticles. The particles can adsorb radio emission and convert it to heat, resulting in enzymatic processes acceleration by more than four times. At the same time, the particles-covered enzyme becomes more resistant to high temperatures. Such method can be used to create radio-controlled biochemical systems, as well as to adjust metabolism in living organisms. The results are published in ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering.