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  • ITMO Scientists Find a Way to Reconfigure Topological States of Light

    A research team from ITMO University, Australian National University, and Jilin University has provided experimental proof of the conjecture that topological states of light can be produced not only by influencing the crystal lattice geometry but also by changing the shape of the meta-atoms and their mutual orientation. Moreover, the new approach helps change the position and the degree of light localization in real time.


  • ITMO Researchers Discover New Properties of Metasurfaces Thanks to Ultrashort Pulse Lasers

    A group of researchers from ITMO University, the Australian National University, and the Friedrich Schiller University Jena (Germany) has for the first time demonstrated effective generation of higher harmonics in silicon metasurfaces. This result was achieved due to resonant states with long lifetimes. The new discovery brings closer the creation of attosecond radiation sources based on semiconductor nanostructures. Ultrashort pulse lasers which earned their pioneers the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2018 make it possible to excite and explore very rapid processes in nature and matter. This opens new horizons for understanding ultrafast physics and faster information recording.  


  • A Necklace of Resonators: How Scientists Efficiently Control Light in Nanoscale

    ITMO University researchers and their collaborators presented a new principle of creating laser resonators. It will allow them to create light generating elements right on silicone chips. In this ITMO.NEWS article, you will learn how it can be used and how it can improve data transfer rate.


  • ITMO Scientists Demonstrate Record-Breaking Light Coupling into Optical Fiber at Large Incidence Angles

    The invention opens up new opportunities in the field of medicine, including endoscopy and laparoscopy, quantum technologies, and fiber-optic sensors. The concept proposed by the scientists got on the front cover of the October issue of ACS Photonics. 


  • Scientists Propose Tractor Beam Concept to Capture Particles Using Light

    Physicists from ITMO University have developed a model of an optical tractor beam able to capture particles based on new artificial materials. Such a beam is capable of moving particles or cells towards the radiation source. The study showed that hyperbolic metasurfaces have great potential for experiments on the creation of the tractor beam, as well as for its practical applications. The results have been published in ACS Photonics.


  • Scientists Propose New Type Of Terahertz Solid-State Laser

    A team of scientists from ITMO and Vladimir State University have proposed a new type of a solid-state terahertz laser. According to their research, such laser will be more efficient compared to existing devices, as well as allow stepless frequency tuning. In future, the proposed model which is based on the use of gallium-nitride quantum dots can lay the groundwork to creating a compact solid-state source of terahertz radiation that can be effectively applied in medicine, security systems, and other fields. The results were first published in ACS Photonics journal, and a separate review of the research was included in Nature’s “News and Views”.