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  • AI Tools for Researchers: Find Articles, Get Feedback, and Edit Your Texts

    AI is already used for all kinds of tasks, including generating ideas, creating illustrations, and debugging software code. Can AI tools also be used in science? For this article, we asked Alexander Kapitonov, an associate professor at ITMO’s Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies, about AI assistants that can come in handy in research.


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #47

    Following the 2023 recap, we’re back with our regular overview of the latest reports, interviews, and explainers from the world of science – both at ITMO and beyond.


  • Mass & Quality: How Russia and China Transform Education With AI

    How can universities promote AI talents? Which educational programs should be implemented to make it happen? And which technologies are currently being utilized to improve the quality and efficiency of education? These were some of the topics discussed at the first China-Russia seminar on training AI specialists. The event, organized by ITMO University, Tsinghua University, and Yandex, was attended by experts from Russian tech giants, including Sberbank, Gazprom Neft, and many others.


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup: 2023 Recap

    All through 2023, we’ve been keeping you updated on all the science news from ITMO. Today, we’re looking at some of the most notable, resonant, and exciting breakthroughs, discoveries, and interviews from the past 12 months


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #46

    As the holidays approach, we come to you with this year’s final review of all things science at ITMO. New research labs, interviews with eminent scientists, and promising new projects – all in today’s science roundup.


  • International AI-Based Platform of Services To Appear in Russia

    The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) and ITMO University have signed a cooperation agreement to design, develop, and promote a global AI-assisted platform of services based on cutting-edge cloud services, namely Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS).


  • ITMO Trains Best AI Specialists

    In Russia’s first-ever ranking of universities training AI professionals, ITMO has topped the list, along with the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) and the Higher School of Economics. The ranking is compiled by the AI Alliance using the methodology recognized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #39

    It’s been a plentiful couple of weeks for science news here at ITMO.NEWS. Between a promising insight into the mysterious dark matter, exciting AI developments, and a look at the best and most underrated scientists of cinema, there’s something for every reader. Have a look!


  • ITMO and Х5 Group Launch Joint AI Laboratory

    ITMO University and X5 Tech, an IT company within the Russian food retail giant Х5 Group, are opening an artificial intelligence (AI) laboratory within the joint Master’s program by ITMO and Napoleon IT. The newly-founded research unit will develop AI-assisted products and train machine learning and big data specialists to develop AI solutions for retail.


  • ITMO Experts Produce Algorithm to Improve Heart Attack Diagnostics

    The staff and students of ITMO’s Research Center “Strong AI in Industry” have come up with an algorithm that can tell if an ECG recording displays symptoms of a heart attack – all in one second. Trained on over 20,000 ECGs, the model is accurate in 85% of cases and can immediately highlight those parts of the recording that can be associated with a heart attack.