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  • How To Draw Every Day Without Going Crazy

    While some artists believe that it’s a bad idea to force yourself to draw every single day, many others claim this is the best way to improve your skills. In my experience, this approach does work, but only if: a) it’s compatible with your lifestyle, b) you’ve prepared for it in advance. Read on for more tips, ideas, and useful links.


  • Best Activities to Kickstart Your Brain After Holidays

    We’ve all been there: the holidays are over and your responsibilities are calling, but your mind is still chock-full with garlands, candy, and wrapping paper. Diving into work (or studies) head-first isn’t gonna cut it – you’ll need to pick up some steam first. So, here are some of our best ideas for how to get back into gear with these fun-yet-healthy distractions.


  • Fun & Easy DIY Ideas to Keep Your Hands Busy During Holidays

    One of the best ways to unwind is to craft a little something from scratch. No need to overload yourself with a big handmade project during the holidays – check out these almost effortless ideas instead.  


  • Russian Board Games to Play This Weekend

    When the weather is too November-ish, there’s nothing better than staying in and inviting a friend or two to have fun – or, possibly, argue – over a board game. How about, instead of choosing classic Monopoly or Uno, you opt for one of the many great games that were created in Russia in recent years? As a bonus, you’ll get to practice Russian in a playful way.


  • Everything You Need to Know to Survive Autumn

    The changing of the seasons can be hard, but you'll surely handle it if you follow our team's advice.


  • ITMO.Megabattle: Contests and Friendships For the Win

    Megabattle, ITMO’s major annual student competition, is just like the Hogwarts House Cup – minus the Golden Snitch. All year round, students earn points for their academic performance and by joining various activities, all to bring their school to the top. We chatted with its active participants and organizers to learn what makes it so special – and why you should join it this year.


  • Fun & Wacky Sports to Try in St. Petersburg: Part 2

    If you’ve checked out the first part of this series and are craving even more endorphin-pumping activities, both indoor and outdoor, here's what to try next.


  • Four Family History Activities for a Friday Night

    It’s always fascinating to learn more about where you came from and what your ancestors were like. If you’re ready to start exploring your family’s past, we have some ideas on how to make it more fun.


  • Our Team’s Picks for a Productive Commute

    Here at the office, we have many things in common. For instance, all of us have to take various means of transport every morning to get here. Hopefully, by now you know that we are the original kind and we don’t just spend this time on our phones. What do we do instead? Read on for some quirky inspiration from yours truly.


  • Traditional Sports: Slavic Baseball, Boxing, and More

    The desire to play, have fun, and stay fit is universal all around the world and throughout the ages. Here’s how Slavic peoples did it in the past – with no gyms and stadiums required.