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  • ITMO University Rates Among Russia’s Top 5 in Quality of Tuition-Free Admissions

    The Higher School of Economics and Yandex, with the support of the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education, have unveiled the results of a review of the quality of admissions to Bachelor’s and Specialist’s degree programs among Russian universities. ITMO University was rated among the top five universities in regards to the quality of admission to tuition-free positions. The average Unified State Exam (USE) score among those enrolled tuition-free at ITMO has increased since last year and now equals 93.1 points.


  • Results of ITMO University’s Admissions Campaign 2020

    The 2020 admissions campaign at ITMO University has come to an end, and the lists of students admitted into Bachelor’s/Specialist, Master’s, and PhD programs (links in Russian) have been published. Read more about ITMO University’s first fully online admissions campaign and its key results in an article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • Neurotechnologies and Software Engineering Master’s Program to Go Corporate and Open Two New Specializations

    The program’s students will be developing and researching new software methods and tools under the guidance of practicing experts from Nexign (part of X Holding) in the field of telecommunications and Robotrack (part of the company group Brain Development LLC and Robotrack LLC) in the field of the implementation of neurotechnologies. 


  • ITMO University Launches a New Master’s Major in Algorithmic Bioinformatics

    Introduced as part of the Master’s program Bioinformatics and Systems Biology, the major is designed for graduates of Bachelor’s programs in mathematics and programming who are interested in exploring the field of bioinformatics.


  • Data Security Master’s Programs at ITMO University

    Financial systems, transport, power lines, hospitals, even home PCs – all these things need security. The nature of the threats is different, and so are their goals. At ITMO University’s Faculty of Secure Information Technologies (FSIT), Master’s students are learning to predict, pinpoint, and eliminate vulnerabilities in all kinds of computer and cyberphysical systems. In this article, we’ll explore what it’s like to study at FSIT and work side by side with industrial partners such as Sberbank and Gazprom Neft.


  • Science Communication, Digital Humanities, and Art & Science: Master’s Programs at ITMO’s Institute of International Development and Partnership.

    A focus on an innovative approach to learning helps ITMO University respond to modern challenges and fulfill international standards of education and research. In recent years, the university has become a key platform for interdisciplinary research that combines IT, humanities, biotechnologies, and art. For those who still associate the name ITMO only with programming, robotics, and photonics, we present an overview of programs that have no rival anywhere in Russia.


  • DIGITALNATIVE >>> ITMO: Apply Online!

    We’ve hacked the admissions system and gone fully online. Behold: our manifesto for the most digital generation – those who measure experience in terabytes, not years, and who only need a hotspot to move the world.


  • Start of 2020 Admission Campaign at ITMO University: Apply Online Now

    ITMO University has opened its 2020 admissions to Bachelor’s and Master’s studies. Applicants can already create a page on the admissions website and vie for a spot at ITMO. Here’s a short guide to the process.