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  • How Not to Defend Your Thesis: Our Best (Worst) Advice

    In Russian, we have this handy term, vrednye sovety (literally “bad advice”) that stands for tips that you absolutely shouldn't follow. So that’s what we are offering you today: to take the edge off the upcoming thesis defenses, read through our list of bad tips (and some wisdom). If you are not doing anything we’re talking about – great job, you’re halfway there! 


  • Student Spotlight: Subhrajit Barua, India

    Subhajit Barua is a PhD student at ITMO’s Faculty of Biotechnologies and a member of the English-language editorial team here at ITMO.NEWS. We first interviewed him back in 2020, when he was still new to ITMO. This time, we decided to ask him all about a major international event he has recently attended, as well as discover if he remains as charmed with ITMO as he once was – all these years down the line. Keep reading – you might be surprised by his answers!


  • 12 Simple Tips on How to Protect Yourself and Others During the Coronavirus Outbreak

    Every day, we are being overwhelmed with the news about the fast spread of COVID-19. In such conditions, it can be hard to track down verified information and not give in to panic. That’s why, drawing on reliable sources, ITMO.NEWS decided to enlist the help of cats to once again remind everyone that the most important thing today is to keep calm and protect yourself and others. Follow these simple tips – and keep your head up!


  • Writing Scientific Articles: Guide For Dummies

    Publishing your results is a vital step in the research lifecycle, as it allows you to get your work seen by the scientific community, and exchange your ideas globally. But writing a scientific paper is not only about creativity, but also about good structure and following some key rules. If you don’t follow these rules, your article may end up being either boring or incomplete, which means that it won’t be cited. Jeffrey Robens, Springer Nature Journal development manager, conducted an open workshop at ITMO University, where he shared some advice on how to write a good scientific article.