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  • ITMO University Presents Its 2018 Annual Report

    We are happy to present you with ITMO University’s Annual Report for 2018. This year’s bright almanac is dedicated to the University’s relationship with St. Petersburg and contains the latest data on its achievements in the previous year and our plans till 2027.


  • Annual Report 2017: ITMO Code

    ITMO University has compiled its annual report for 2017 which includes all of the university’s key achievements and lays the path for its future development. The ITMO team continues to write its unique programming code at the core of which is love. 


  • Programming the Future: ITMO University’s 2016 Annual Report

    For ITMO University, 2016 has been a year of international recognition, opening of new laboratories, rapid increase in publications in prestigious magazines and conducting large-scale science festivals in the very heart of St. Petersburg. Read more about the key events in the university's life in the 2016’s annual report.