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  • Hacks, Viruses, and DDoS: Who Attacks Our Computers and How to Stop Them

    Every day, we produce plenty of data – writing texts, taking personal pictures, making online payments. All of that information can easily be hacked and stolen. What ways are there to prevent that? We dive into data security with Vlad Roskov, ITMO graduate and captain of a top competitive hacking team.


  • CODA: The New Approach to Virus Protection

    The never-ending confrontation between viruses and antiviruses is a lot like a game of tag: for every threat a new security system upgrade is developed, and then new malware is developed to overcome the security. Yet, what if one eliminates the very possibility of malware entering the system? Artur Hanov, CEO of the CODA Project and tutor from the Department of Secure Information Technologies, shared how to do that.