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  • Bloomberg Experts: Semantic Tech to Improve Financial Operations

    Today, executing financial operations often requires the use of identifiers to clearly specify the different financial instruments used - such as equities, bonds, options and so on. But these IDs may be different in various organizations and countries, which can lead to mistakes and slowing down financial operations. At the recent Digital Transformation & Global Society Conference hosted by ITMO University, the Bloomberg experts Richard  Beatch  and Inessa Collier, as well as Dr. Yuri Lipuntsov, Associate Professor at the Moscow State University, spoke about new standards of identification of financial instruments and how they can help solve such problems.


  • ITMO Students Share Summer Internship Stories

    Every summer, ITMO students travel all over the world to participate in internships and visit the world’s largest companies and universities. Internships have long ago stopped being simple working affairs and are now seen as exciting adventures and a way to gain unique experience. ITMO.NEWS has prepared a few stories about our students’ most fascinating summer internships – from working at Google to being a science journalist in Sicily.