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  • 5 Food Markets of St. Petersburg

    Have you ever failed to reach an agreement on where to dine with your friends? Do you prefer to have as much choice as possible when it comes to food? From falafel to pho, the city's biggest food markets might just offer the right solution.  


  • Off to a Good Start: Top Breakfast Spots in St. Petersburg

    There is a side to St. Petersburg that is all about hedonism: relishing every bite of a tasty meal, enjoying the moment, and appreciating life as it comes. Going out for breakfast is one way you can experience this for yourself. Eggs, sandwiches, desserts, and more – let’s dive into the lively St. Pete breakfast scene!


  • A Tram, a Garage, a Monastery: Unexpected Food Locations in St. Petersburg

    If you’re no longer impressed with the neatly designed interiors of local cafes, why not satisfy your hunger with new experiences? To spice things up, we present to you four eateries where both the menu and the venue make it worth a visit.


  • St. Petersburg: The City of Bakeries

    Are your belly and soul craving some carbs? For every sweet tooth and snack lover, here’s an overview of where to find the most finger-licking pastry in the city.


  • Love is... Food: How ITMO Students’ New Dating App Firstep Works

    In November, a team from ITMO University released their dating app, Firstep, on AppStore. Said by its authors to be “the most delicious dating app”, it allows users to invite each other to their favorite food spots in just one click. ITMO.NEWS spoke to the project’s founder, Yan Slavkin, about Firstep’s specifics, partnerships with restaurants and cafes, and planned launches in Europe and Asia. 


  • Coffee to Go in St. Petersburg

    You may have read our previous article about Cafe Society in St. Petersburg. One of the more unique aspects of the Coffee scene in St. Petersburg is the proliferation of Coffee-to-Go stands all over the city.


  • Cafe Society: A New Wave of Urban Coffee Culture Hits the Streets of St. Petersburg

    St. Petersburg is a city that seems always to be teetering on the edge of slumber. Whether it is due to the murky, fleeting days of winter, or the blazing White Nights in June and July, when no restful night-time sleep is possible, or because of the mysterious meteorological phenomenon that locals refer to simply as ‘davlenya’ or ‘pressure,’ the default state of people here is dreamy, hazy, bleary, perpetually drowsy.