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  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: February 18-19, 2023

    What’s that around the corner? It’s spring – we are nearing this winter’s penultimate weekend! And there’s plenty to do: feel like an art critic at Erarta, try some gourmet cheese, play retro games, or explore human-like robots – the choice is yours.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: September 26-27, 2020

    Fall is in the air, and the September blues is starting to kick in. But you can still have a good time while soaking up those last days of rare but still warm sunshine thrust in between hazy and hurricane-like times. Let’s beat this urge to wrap up in a cozy blanket and binge-watch our favorite TV shows together – and, against all odds, fill our last September days with good vibes!


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: October 27-28

    Go on a date with a robot, listen to classical music in St. Petersburg’s most renowned venues, watch some unusual German and Finnish movies, and try the best hummus and falafel! Here is our list of the coolest things going on in St. Pete this weekend!