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  • First Time in Such Detail: Researchers Analyze Surface Properties of Spider Web

    PhD students and researchers from ITMO’s SCAMT Institute and their collaborators from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) have analyzed the surface properties of the Linothele fallax spider’s silk and how they affect the properties of the material as a whole. The study demonstrates that spider web can be used in both surgery and food packaging. 


  • ITMO Fellowship Stories: ‪Maxim Likhanov on Importance of Spatial Skills and Synergy Between Chemistry and Neuroscience

    In 2019, Maxim Likhanov graduated from Tomsk State University with a PhD in philology. Two years later, he won the chance to do his research at ITMO University as part of ITMO Fellowship and Professorship Program. ITMO.NEWS talked to the scientist to learn more about how to succeed in chemistry, why spatial skills are important, and how they’ve transformed his life.


  • Contest-Winning ITMO Master’s Student on Making Science Popular

    We caught up with Dauddin Daudi, a recently-enrolled student of the Chemistry of Applied Materials Master’s program. Before coming to ITMO, he worked on a number of projects and was twice named a winner of the national contest My Country – My Russia. Speaking to ITMO.NEWS, he elaborated on the projects that brought him success and explained why he abandoned a career in the oil industry to study spiderwebs – and why science needs to be popularized not only among the public, but among scientists, too.


  • The Art of Making Molecules. Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2021 in Five Simple Points

    This year’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry has gone to biochemist Benjamin List (Max Planck Institute for Coal Research, Germany) and David W.C. MacMillan (Princeton University, the USA) for “the development of asymmetric organocatalysis.” Read our quick explainer on what this discovery is all about and what it means for medicine.


  • Physics and Chemistry: Nobel Prize Predictions for 2021

    Today marks the start of the Nobel Prize season. While the Committee is all set to announce the names of the greatest minds in physics and chemistry, various research companies and experts remain true to the long-standing tradition of making predictions for possible winners. Although their forecasts are rarely right, they highlight the biggest breakthroughs that hold the greatest promise for global science. Before the results are announced, here is what you need to know about recent laureates and the most promising inventions in exact and natural sciences.


  • ITMO Professor Ekaterina Skorb Gets Nikolay Emanuel Memorial Award

    The annual “Academician N. M. Emanuel Memorial” award is given to the most successful Russian and international scientists who work in the field of chemical kinetics, physiochemical biology, biotechnology, and biochemical physics.


  • ITMO Scientists Develop All=Purpose Electrochemical Platform for Rapid Tests

    The new testing platform will be used to create devices for detecting viruses and antibodies to COVID-19, smart textiles for clothing that can monitor fluid and electrolyte balance, and robotized systems for detecting antibiotics in cow milk.


  • ITMO Summer Courses: Teachers Share Their Experiences Part 1

    In summertime, ITMO University holds short-term intensive courses for school students under the aegis of ITMO.START. These summer schools are a great chance to explore fields that are actively pursued at the university.


  • Technology in Chemistry: Positive Effect of VR on Students’ Academic Performance

    Three years ago, ITMO University implemented a VR class for first-year students studying inorganic chemistry. As noted by the university's teachers and MEL Science developers, the immersive experience had a positive impact,  increasing students’ learning progress by 20%. The results of the experiment were published in the Journal of Chemical Education.


  • ITMO University Hosts Seventh SCAMT Workshop Week

    SCAMT Workshop Week (SWW), a summer school for Russian and international students, took place in July.