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  • ITMO Students Create Interactive Map Featuring the Legendary Food Supply Route During the Siege of Leningrad

    Nazi forces encircled Leningrad in September 1941, cutting the city off from the outside world. Partisans and Soviet troops nonetheless managed to get some supplies into the besieged city; one such example being a convoy of food gathered by residents of Pskov Oblast. To preserve the memories of those events, ITMO students have built an interactive map of the legendary partisan convoy's route for the Museum of Partisan Glory in Dedovichi (Pskov Oblast).


  • Living in St. Petersburg: Architectural Layers

    St. Petersburg is a city of incredible beauty and architecture. From the stunning Catherine Palace in the southern suburb of Pushkin to the Winter Palace right in the center of the city, St. Petersburg is a blend of Baroque, Classicism, Eclecticism, and Art Nouveau. But while the city center denounces high-rise buildings, the outskirts tell a different story. In a city of over 5 million residents, where does everyone live and what can you find if you venture out beyond the historical districts? Each layer of the city was built during a different era and reflects the history and attitudes of that time. Check it out. 


  • ITMO Hosts Digital Local History Conference 2020

    The conference was organized by ITMO’s Digital Humanities Center and brought together local history researchers and enthusiasts, as well as representatives of cultural institutions and specialists in digital humanities.