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  • Get Into a Master’s Program Without Exams: First Mega School Launched at ITMO

    ITMO’s Mega School initiative is four days packed with lectures. Here, the participants will get to meet researchers and get to know ITMO’s key fields. At the end of the school, its best students will get a chance to enroll at ITMO without entrance exams.


  • Russia’s First Award for Young Science Artists Draws Almost 200 Applicants From Across the Country

    Applications are closed for the Art, Science & Technology Award (ASTA). This competition of interdisciplinary art projects by young artists, scientists, and engineers is the first of its kind in Russia. In total, the jury received more than 170 submissions from students and graduates of the country’s leading universities. The shortlist of the contest is set to be released on February 1, while the winners will be announced on February 6 as part of an award ceremony in Moscow.


  • Programming and Information Technologies Track at I Am a Professional: Why You Need It and How to Prepare

    The I Am a Professional contest, which continues to accept applications up until November 15, is an excellent chance for students to test their skills and competencies, win money prizes, receive internship offers, and, most importantly, get into one of the best universities in Russia without any entrance exams. This year, ITMO is organizing three tracks of the competition, one of which is Programming and Information Technologies. In this article, Alexander Mayatin, the track’s curator and an associate professor at the Information Technologies and Programming Faculty, speaks about why students should join the contest and how they can prep to win.


  • Robotics Track at I Am a Professional: Why You Need It and How to Prepare

    The online registration for the sixth annual contest I Am a Professional is in full swing and this year, just like any other, this event is every student’s chance to enter the country’s best universities without entrance exams. ITMO University is responsible for three of the contest’s tracks, including Robotics, curated by Dmitrii Dobriborsci, an associate professor at the Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies. In this article, he tells us why you should take part in the contest and how you can train to ace it.


  • ITMO Student Wins National ArtMasters Competition

    ArtMasters is a specialized competition that aims to discover and support professionals in creative industries. Among the event’s partners are leading Russian cultural institutions, ministries, and media companies. This year, Daniil Zuyev, a Bachelor’s student in computer technologies in design, won in the category Virtual Worlds Design, receiving half a million rubles in grant money and landing an internship at the virtual technologies department of Ostankino Television Technical Center. We asked Daniil about the world he created for the contest and the benefits of competing in such tournaments.


  • How and Why ITMO Trains School Teachers of Advanced Computer Science

    This year, ITMO University launched a new continuous professional development program for school teachers. The course brought together 150 educators from St. Petersburg and 18 other cities and is expected to welcome new students in October. Here’s everything you need to know about this one-of-a-kind program.


  • ITMO Students Win Russian Information Security Competition OpenBonch 2022

    The team ITMO))) won the national information security cyberdrills OpenBonch 2022. Students from the Faculty of Secure Information Technologies were first to solve the task and earned 89/100 points, setting the competition’s record.


  • Record Number of Students Enroll at ITMO via Academic Competitions

    During the 2022 admissions campaign, ITMO University has welcomed into its ranks 609 winners of national and regional academic competitions. This is a record number for both St. Petersburg and the university itself, exceeding the second top university’s count by almost twofold.


  • ITMO and Partners Announce Contest for Biotechnology Specialists and Their Teams

    Designed to support high technology research, the competition launched by ITMO’s SCAMT Institute in partnership with Almetyevsk State Oil Institute and the oil-and-gas company Tatneft will allow skilled principal investigators (PIs) to start their own teams and conduct biotechnology research at the biotech center in Almetyevsk. Read on to learn the details.


  • ITMO Student Zakhar Yakovlev on His Record-Breaking Contest Win

    An awards ceremony for the winners of the national student contest I Am a Professional has recently taken place in Moscow. The star of the event was Zakhar Yakovlev, a fourth-year student at ITMO’s School of Physics and Engineering, who became a runner-up in seven categories and a winner in two more, becoming the contest’s all-time record holder. ITMO.NEWS talked to Zakhar to learn more about what helped him win and what he learned from his contest experience.