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  • How to Get Into ITMO Without Exams: Mega Contest for Bachelor’s Students and Recent Graduates

    Till February 1, 2022, current Bachelor’s students and 2020/2021 graduates can apply for the Mega Contest and win a chance to study at ITMO University without having to take any entrance exams. The competition offers 13 various tracks. Participants can try their hand at one or more fields. Read on to learn what to expect from the contest and how to prepare for the tasks.


  • I Am a Professional: Tips From Former Winner of Programming & IT Track

    The fifth season of the I am a Professional contest welcomed more than 600,000 students from all over Russia. This year’s participants have already embarked on the tasks of the qualifying round. The ongoing competition offers 72 tracks, with Programming & IT organized by ITMO being the most popular one among students in St. Petersburg. Read on to learn the success story of last year’s winner in the track.


  • Results of ITMO's 2030 Open Call for Projects

    ITMO University is happy to announce the results of the open call for projects held as part of the 2030 Development Strategy. All in all, the university received 141 applications in four categories. Out of 57 projects approved for open defense, 36 have been chosen by the expert board as the winners.


  • I Am a Professional: Tips from Former Winners of Robotics Track

    I Am a Professional is a national competition for students of all fields – from humanities to engineering. Winners receive diplomas, as well as advantages when enrolling into Master’s and PhD programs, monetary prizes, and internship opportunities at major Russian companies. This year, ITMO is organizing three core tracks in partnership with Sberbank: Robotics, Programming & IT, and Information & Cyber Security, as well as a corporate track titled Technological Entrepreneurship in collaboration with VEEROUTE. We talked to the winners of last year’s Robotics track and asked them about the best ways to prepare for the contest and the importance of not underestimating your strengths.  


  • ITMO Edu Awards 2022: ITMO University’s Award for Achievements in Education

    ITMO University is happy to announce the comeback of the series of events aimed at raising the status of the university’s academic staff and nominating the best lecturers and mentors.


  • ITMO Students Receive 2.5 Million Rubles Grant for University Development

    On November 27-29, the Sirius Park of Science and Art hosted the final round of the Tvoy Hod (“Your Move” – Ed.) competition.  ITMO University received a 2.5 million rubles grant for having the greatest number of participants who made it to the finals. ITMO.NEWS talked to the finalists to learn more about their projects.


  • Applications Are Now Closed for Open Calls Within the Framework of ITMO’s 2030 Development Strategy

    140 projects, 21 days, and 4 categories – now, we’re ready to move on to the next stage!


  • ITMO First Vice Rector Daria Kozlova on ITMO’s 2030 Open Call for Projects

    ITMO University is currently running an open call for projects within the 2030 Development Strategy. The contest is open to everyone – staff and students from ITMO, as well as other universities and companies – wishing to create innovative technologies, propose new education solutions, and shape the development of the city and country. In this article, ITMO First Vice Rector Daria Kozlova explains how participants can benefit from the contest and what new fields of science may appear at the university soon.


  • National Cyber Testing Ground: ITMO Team Wins First Intercollegiate Cybersecurity Wargames

    The National Cyber Testing Ground is a major national initiative that’s being developed by Rostelecom. In 2021, the telecommunications company and ITMO launched a support center for the initiative as part of the university’s Safety and Security of Critical Information Technologies international research center. And recently, ITMO’s team won the National Cyber Testing Ground’s First Intercollegiate Wargames in Cybersecurity. We talked to Aleksander Menshikov, head of the National Cyber Testing Ground’s training center, and Dmitry Tatarov, the winning team’s captain, to learn about the wargames and how one can join ITMO’s team.


  • ITMO.FUTURE 2.0: Winners Announced

    The second run of ITMO.FUTURE, a project that seeks to support the best initiatives by students and staff, has concluded its selection stage with an announcement of the students who will be in charge of implementing exciting new projects at ITMO.