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  • ITMO Researchers Zoom in on Spatial Ability

    Scientists from ITMO University together with their colleagues from the UK, Italy, and Russia examined the structure of human spatial abilities. These are the skills people use to navigate from point A to point B and solve a wide range of math problems. The study showed that these abilities structurally resemble a giant network with compass navigation being its core element. The researchers suggest that the improvement of navigation skills using cardinal directions may lead to the improvement of other spatial abilities, as well. Their work can potentially help create recommendations on how to enhance the learning process.


  • Digital Model of ITMO Highpark’s Engineering Network Receives Positive Evaluation

    The St. Petersburg Administration highlights that this is the first time in Russia that the digital model of a linear-type infrastructure has been positively assessed by the State Expertise Center.


  • UK Professor Talks Complex Systems, Game Theory, and Big Data

    ITMO University has recently hosted a series of lectures on Mathematical Models for Complex Systems by Marco Javarone, a professor from the University of Hertfordshire (UK). He spoke about complex networks, numerical modeling of complex systems, and machine learning with an emphasis on financial technologies and social networks. Most importantly, the professor explained theoretical knowledge can be successfully implemented in practical applications. ITMO.NEWS asked Mr. Javarone some questions about complex systems studies, and what qualities students should have to get a job in the field.