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  • Deputy Head of St. Petersburg Information and Analytical Center: Why the City Needs IT Experts and How to Create Systems for the Government

    How the “Smart City” system works, what kinds of programmers does St. Petersburg need right now and what is the difference between working as an IT expert at a commercial firm and at a government enterprise? Starting in September 2017, the Department of State Information Systems Management will form a supervisory board for the Master’s degree program “State Information Systems Management”. The board will include representatives from the city’s various businesses and enterprises at which the future graduates might find employment. Its main task is to provide IT-specialists with practice-oriented training. First deputy head of St. Petersburg Information and Analytics Center, professor Yuri Zakharov, will serve as chair of the board and program coordinator. In an interview with ITMO.NEWS, he spoke about how information systems for government use are created and which skills IT-specialists need to possess if they want to start a career in this field.