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  • YAC/e Conference: AI Ethics and Why IT Needs Humanities

    Several years ago, some of Russia’s major companies and universities, including ITMO University, signed the AI Ethics Code – a set of voluntary principles and rules designed to create an environment for ethical development of AI technologies. How should specialists cope with gray areas when creating novel products? What do developers need to know besides the technologies themselves? And why are humanities essential for AI? These questions were discussed by experts from ITMO, Yandex, and the European University at St. Petersburg during Yandex’s major educational conference YAC/e.


  • Expert Speaks on Infosec Trends and In-Demand Jobs in Russia

    The contemporary world brings new information security challenges and threats, posing an even greater demand for certain types of specialists. Which professionals are at an all-time high today? This topic was covered by Sergei Petrenko, the head of Innopolis University’s Center for Information Security, at the recent conference on information security in St. Petersburg.


  • ITMO and Yandex Collaborate on This Year’s ITMO Open Education Conference

    How will AI impact education? Do you need a university degree to be featured in Forbes? What is the importance of product thinking for students? And how can teachers benefit from increasing their social media presence? This year’s ITMO Open Education conference, organized together with Yandex, covered these and other questions in great detail. More than 400 school and university teachers, along with edtech experts and entrepreneurs from all over Russia, gathered in St. Petersburg in order to examine education from a different perspective. Here are the highlights of the event.


  • Top Highlights From ITMO Open Science Rocks 2023

    Fun and accessible science, no boring lectures, and a scientific rock concert – that’s what ITMO Open Science Rocks is all about. If you wonder why scientists should sometimes wear leather jackets and what happens when hard rock meets hard science, here’s our recap of ITMO’s major scientific conference that took place last Thursday, April 6, at Sevkabel Port.


  • ITMO University to Host the International Food BioTech Conference 2021

    The Food BioTech 2021 conference arranged by the School of Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems will take place on August 23-25, 2021. Leading scientists from all over the world will discuss results achieved in biotechnologies and the prospects of this field.


  • 2020 in Retrospect: How We Went Through It Together

    2020 wasn’t easy – many of us had to change our approach to life and work. But we stayed together and helped each other no matter what. ITMO.NEWS and ITMO’s staff and students reflect on the year’s main results, achievements, unforgettable events, and proud moments.