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  • Congress of Young Scientists 2022: Participants Share Their Experience

    This year’s Congress of Young Scientists marked the fifth time ITMO University played host to the major scientific event that guides aspiring researchers and scientists into the world of science. Over this time, the conference brought together thousands of university and school students, with this year reaching an audience of over 2,000 participants. ITMO.NEWS talked to the participants of 22’ to learn more about why they decided to join the event and how they came up with their research ideas.


  • 11th Congress of Young Scientists at ITMO Brings Together 2,000+ Russian Researchers from 66 Cities

    On April 4-8, ITMO University hosted the 11th Congress of Young Scientists. While the event had been held online in the past two years, it was now once again available offline, too, with 64 sessions held in the blended format. All in all, more than two thousand representatives of 160 scientific organizations and universities from 66 Russian cities took part in the event.


  • ITMO to Host 11th Congress of Young Scientists

    On April 4-8, students and young scientists will be able to present their research projects to ITMO’s leading researchers at the Congress of Young Scientists, part of the ITMO Open Science festival. Authors of the best reports will be able to enroll into ITMO’s Master’s programs without entrance exams and will compete for a special monthly stipend. 


  • Congress of Young Scientists Day 3: Reviewing Year of Science and Technology in Russia

    A total of 3,000 students, researchers, and representatives of government and business took part in the Congress of Young Scientists in Sochi over the three days of the event. The congress concluded with a plenary session, where the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Chernyshenko, the Aide to the Russian President Andrei Fursenko, and the Minister of Science and Higher Education Valery Falkov discussed the results of the Year of Science and Technology in Russia with leading Russian researchers and representatives of tech companies. Read on for the highlights of the session. 


  • Green Energy, Leadership Training, and Talent Scouting: Highlights From Day Two of Congress of Young Scientists

    The Sirius Park of Science and Art in Sochi continues to host the National Congress of Young Scientists. The event’s second day has included over 50 sessions, talks, and discussions; the informal part of the program featured quests, science battles, intellectual games, and a rather unusual chess tournament.


  • Congress of Young Scientists Day 1: School of Russian Science Foundation, Art & Science, and Student Laboratories

    December 8 marked the start of the National Congress of Young Scientists – one of the closing events of the Russian Year of Science and Technology – in the Sirius Park of Science and Art, Sochi. More than 3,000 attended the congress on the first day. Among the participants are representatives of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Russian Science Foundation (RSF), universities and research laboratories, leading IT and tech companies, as well as aspiring scientists and school students. Researchers and experts from ITMO University got a chance to share their experiences and moderate several discussions. Here are the highlights of the event’s first day.


  • Plant Vision: Art & Science Students Study Sensing in Plants

    First year Master’s students of ITMO’s Art & Science program have conducted a series of studies on photoreception in higher plants. The research was based on the hypothesis that plants have simple eyes, ocelli – thanks to which plants might be able to perceive their surroundings.


  • Over 100 School Students Give Presentations at 10th Congress of Young Scientists

    This year’s Congress of Young Scientists brought together 114 school students from 33 cities in Russia and Belarus. Most of the participants will graduate this year and many took part in a conference of such magnitude and level for the first time. As a result, experts chose 15 winners who will receive prizes and advance to the final round of the ITMO.STARS contest, as well as three more holders of the special award.


  • Congress of Young Scientists: Projects in Inclusive Education

    Last month’s 10th Congress of Young Scientists included a session initiated by ITMO’s Center for Inclusive Education. Students from all across Russia – from Murmansk to Yekaterinburg – presented projects that focus on improving the lives of people with disabilities.


  • 10th Congress of Young Scientists Wraps at ITMO

    For the second year in a row, the Congress of Young Scientists took place entirely online, a fact that didn’t stop it from still being a large-scale national event: more than 2,000 participants from 60 Russian cities signed up for the Congress.