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  • ITMO Receives 5 Million Rubles to Support Young Scientists

    ITMO University has won the competition of student research associations organized by the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The university will use its 5-million-ruble grant to fund an international conference of young sciences, a career fair, a competition for the best scientific project, and nine other events that will help students find like-minded peers and boost their research skills.


  • 12th Congress of Young Scientists Brings Together Students From 52 Russian Cities

    More than 2,500 representatives of schools and universities from 52 Russian cities participated in the 12th Congress of Young Scientists. The event took place at ITMO premises on April 3-6.


  • Sociologists Answer: Are Researchers Happy?

    A recent study by National Priorities, an operator of the national initiative Decade of Science and Technology in Russia, finds that young scientists are happier than people outside the academic world, with a majority of them (under the age of 30) exhibiting a more positive outlook on the future than their peers from other fields. Learn more about the survey findings in this article.


  • A Much-Anticipated Comeback of Quantum Potential Stand-Up Show in Sochi

    Who’s an aerospace engineer and can you become one at the age of seven? Where do theoretical physicists travel and what do they actually do? How can you turn research into a viable business? These are the topics from Quantum Potential, ITMO’s original science stand-up comedy show, which was held in Sochi as part of the evening program of the Congress of Young Scientists 2022.


  • Сollaboration or Competition: How Will the Rise of AI Impact Digital Art?

    Nowadays, artists have access to vast sets of new tools. They can construct entire buildings in the metaverse, create NFTs, and generate content with neural networks. But can AI create true art and achieve acclaim and recognition? Will digital tools supplant the work of a human, or will they remain just a source of assistance? And if you want to become a digital artist, where could you study? A discussion on the present state and future prospects of digital art was held at the second Congress of Young Scientists, taking place in Sochi on December 1-3. For the highlights, see below.


  • ITMO Students Among Finalists of Big Challenges Contest

    Finalists of the national contest of student research and technological projects received their awards at the second Congress of Young Scientists in Sochi on December 2. Among them were five projects by ITMO students, including one submitted by Anastasia Scherbakova, who won in the category Artificial Intelligence and Information Technologies.


  • Russian Science Foundation to Support R&D in Five New Fields In 2023

    The Russian Science Foundation (RSF) is set to receive additional powers to financially support those experimental research & development projects that are of interest to the industry and can potentially be introduced into the current production processes. This was stated by Alexander Khlunov, the CEO of RSF, in his address at the second Congress of Young Scientists in Sochi on December 1st. The funding will be provided for five priority fields of research. See below for more details.


  • Highlights of the Congress of Young Scientists 2022 in Sochi

    Today marks the beginning of the Congress of Young Scientists 2022 –a major event for Russian science and technology that brings together over 3,000 young scholars, entrepreneurs, and government officials from 40 countries.


  • Congress of Young Scientists 2022: Participants Share Their Experience

    This year’s Congress of Young Scientists marked the fifth time ITMO University played host to the major scientific event that guides aspiring researchers and scientists into the world of science. Over this time, the conference brought together thousands of university and school students, with this year reaching an audience of over 2,000 participants. ITMO.NEWS talked to the participants of 22’ to learn more about why they decided to join the event and how they came up with their research ideas.


  • 11th Congress of Young Scientists at ITMO Brings Together 2,000+ Russian Researchers from 66 Cities

    On April 4-8, ITMO University hosted the 11th Congress of Young Scientists. While the event had been held online in the past two years, it was now once again available offline, too, with 64 sessions held in the blended format. All in all, more than two thousand representatives of 160 scientific organizations and universities from 66 Russian cities took part in the event.