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  • ITMO and Partners Announce Contest for Biotechnology Specialists and Their Teams

    Designed to support high technology research, the competition launched by ITMO’s SCAMT Institute in partnership with Almetyevsk State Oil Institute and the oil-and-gas company Tatneft will allow skilled principal investigators (PIs) to start their own teams and conduct biotechnology research at the biotech center in Almetyevsk. Read on to learn the details.


  • Best Practice-Oriented Projects by ITMO Students Announced

    ITMO University’s contest for best practice-oriented student R&D projects concluded in early April with a series of project defenses. Nine winners were selected from 30 presented projects; they will receive funding and support in bureaucratic, organizational, and team management matters. 


  • Entrepreneurship, Technohistory, and Digital Humanities: Finals of ITMO.EduLeaders

    This year, the results of ITMO.EduAwards will be announced for the second time. One of the competition’s tracks is ITMO.EduLeaders, participants of which submit their own educational projects for a chance to win 250,000 rubles and, in the case of outside applicants, to join the ranks of the university's staff. The finalists have already shared their achievements with the expert jury – you can learn more about their projects in this article.


  • Lectures on Ethical Hacking, Lab Tours, and Information Security Quizzes: ITMO Welcomes Baltic Science and Engineering Competition Finalists

    The Baltic Science and Engineering Competition is one of the major contests for school students from Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent Nations. Its winners get to take part in Intel ISEF and compete for awards. As a partner of the competition, ITMO annually welcomes its finalists to introduce them to the research conducted at the university. This year, the participants visited the International Scientific and Academic Center “Security and Safety for Critical Digital Technologies” to learn about the center’s key projects, ethical hacking, and ways to enroll in ITMO.


  • ITMO in Top-Three of Potanin Foundation Scholarship Contest

    The Vladimir Potanin Foundation recently announced the winners of its scholarship contest for Master’s students – this year, 61 ITMO University students were included in the list. Starting from February 2022 and until the end of their Master’s studies they, as well as other winners, will receive a monthly stipend of 25,000 rubles. In total, students from 75 Russian universities took part in the contest. ITMO and Lomonosov Moscow State University share second place in the amount of their students who were granted the scholarship this year.


  • I Am a Professional: Tips From Former Winners of Technological Entrepreneurship Track

    The qualifying stage of the I am a Professional contest is in full swing. Participants will be solving tasks in various tracks till the end of the month, December 26. In February, the expert board will announce the name of those who will get the chance to compete for the first prize. How can you prepare for the competition? What kinds of difficulties you may face along the way? And how to defend your project successfully? The last year’s winner and runners-up of the track share their tips and tricks in this ITMO.NEWS article.


  • ITMO Students Named Best Academic Team at Russian CTF Cup

    Last weekend, the Smart City pavilion of Moscow’s VDNKh hosted the final of the Russian national information security championship. The FaKappa team made up of students of ITMO's Faculty of Secure Information Technologies took second place, won the special nomination, and received prizes from Sberbank.


  • I Am a Professional: Tips From Former Winners of Information & Cyber Security Track

    Previously, winners of the Robotics track of the I Am a Professional contest shared their tips for this year’s participants. In this part of the series, bronze medal winners of the Information & Cyber Security talk about their experiences at the contest and share advice. 


  • I Am a Professional: Tips from Former Winners of Robotics Track

    I Am a Professional is a national competition for students of all fields – from humanities to engineering. Winners receive diplomas, as well as advantages when enrolling into Master’s and PhD programs, monetary prizes, and internship opportunities at major Russian companies. This year, ITMO is organizing three core tracks in partnership with Sberbank: Robotics, Programming & IT, and Information & Cyber Security, as well as a corporate track titled Technological Entrepreneurship in collaboration with VEEROUTE. We talked to the winners of last year’s Robotics track and asked them about the best ways to prepare for the contest and the importance of not underestimating your strengths.  


  • ITMO Launches Two New Labs for Young Researchers

    As a result of a contest held as part of the Science and Universities national project by the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education, six new AI-focused laboratories are to open in St. Petersburg. Two of them have already launched at ITMO University – read on to learn about the way composite AI and intelligent technologies for infochemistry will be studied at ITMO.