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  • Continuing Professional Education: Big Data for Managers – Law and Marketing for Developers

    ITMO’s National Center for Cognitive Research has launched a slate of continuing professional education programs. These courses will help economists, managers and lawyers learn more about big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. IT specialists, in turn, will have the chance to study marketing, law, or public relations.


  • Public Speaking, Negotiating, and More: Soft Skills at ITMO University

    ITMO University is one of the first universities in Russia to introduce soft skills in its Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. Learn more about the course and its benefits for students in this article.


  • ITMO University Holds Course on Science Communication for Scholars and Grantees of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation

    The program aims to familiarize university staff with the recent practices in science communication and help them develop a communication strategy to promote their own projects. A total of 50 people from nearly 40 regions of Russia have recently become the first participants of the course. The program will run until the end of 2021.


  • How ITMO Helps School Students Become Inventors

    Kid Inventors' Day is held annually on January 17 to encourage creativity in kids. Aleksei Shchekoldin, head of ITMO's technopark for children ITMO.KIDS, spoke with ITMO.NEWS about opportunities for school students and ways to create their first projects at school.


  • ITMO University Participates in Personal Digital Certificate Program

    The courses by ITMO University helped over 350 students of various majors acquire new knowledge and skills in big data, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity.


  • ITMO’s Cultural Navigation Course: Lectures, Challenges, and Quests

    The Navigating St. Petersburg's Culture course has become one of the disciplines taught at ITMO University. Its program includes lectures on the city’s cultural environment, its architecture and suburbs, literature, theater, and much more. Learn more about the course in this article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • Individual Learning Tracks: How to Make the Right Choices

    Starting with their first day of studies, ITMO University students have the opportunity to create individual learning tracks. You will be able to choose the format of studies, the specific courses you want to take , the lecturers, and your class schedule. ITMO’s Department of Academic Affairs explains how to make your decisions without getting overwhelmed.


  • How Course Assessment Influences the Quality of Education

    There are many tools for getting feedback from students, professors, graduates and other participants of the educational process. One of them is assessment. ITMO University conducts more and more surveys, the most highly anticipated are the ones on the quality of teaching in specific subjects. They began with assessment of the core set of disciplines. Two years of collecting feedback on these modules allowed us to understand what should be changed in order to make them better. In this article, the Center for Educational Management and Quality Assurance explains how students’ opinions influence the quality of education.


  • Participate in Workshops, Courses, and Summer Schools by the Leading Universities at Home

    This summer probably won’t go as planned, however, this doesn’t mean that it will be wasted. Even though some summer schools got canceled, many of them will take place online, becoming more available for everyone. If you’re not the one to give up and miss out on great opportunities, check out our list of 2020 international summer schools: you can apply and participate in them online. This is the first part of the list, only the courses with approaching deadlines are included.


  • Two ITMO University Lecturers Receive Potanin Foundation Grant

    The Vladimir Potanin Foundation grant contest for university lecturers has concluded its 2020 run. A total of 747 representatives of 75 leading Russian universities took part in the selection. The grant was awarded to 100 successful candidates, two of whom are from ITMO University. More on the projects and educational programs the ITMO specialists received the grant for – in this article by ITMO.NEWS.