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  • National Cyber Testing Ground: ITMO Team Wins First Intercollegiate Cybersecurity Wargames

    The National Cyber Testing Ground is a major national initiative that’s being developed by Rostelecom. In 2021, the telecommunications company and ITMO launched a support center for the initiative as part of the university’s Safety and Security of Critical Information Technologies international research center. And recently, ITMO’s team won the National Cyber Testing Ground’s First Intercollegiate Wargames in Cybersecurity. We talked to Aleksander Menshikov, head of the National Cyber Testing Ground’s training center, and Dmitry Tatarov, the winning team’s captain, to learn about the wargames and how one can join ITMO’s team.


  • Canadian Experts Test ITMO Quantum Network

    From September 25 to October 6, a group of world-class experts in quantum hacking from the University of Waterloo (Canada), under the guidance of prof. Vadim  Makarov,  analyzed the security of the quantum network created by ITMO University. As result of a joint study, the researchers tested the system for potential vulnerabilities and offered ways to patch them, which is crucial to the practical introduction of the technology. Read our article to learn more about the work conducted at ITMO University, as well as the key prospects for the development of quantum communications in the nearest five years.


  • ITMO’s Team Works on Impenetrable Data Storage Systems

    Recently, a team from ITMO University won the Russian Federation Government grant on developing a system for operating a geographically distributed data storage and processing center that will make use of quantum technologies for protecting its communication channels. The project has yet no counterparts in the world. The project's initiator was the Smarts Company that deals in telecommunication networks and high-reliability communications services; ITMO University will conduct the R&D work.


  • How to Hack into Something That Cannot be Hacked?

    Quantum technologies is one of the main trends of modern IT. Though scientists have yet to develop a full-fledged quantum computer that can solve tasks impossible for silicon ones, quantum cryptography systems are already here. Their main advantage is that it’s impossible to intercept information transferred by such systems (for details, read here). Still, one can't exclude the possibility of successful hacking of a quantum cryptography system. In an interview to our portal, Vadim Makarov, Head of the Quantum Hacking Laboratory of the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo in Canada, shared about who and why attempt to hack such systems.