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  • Student Spotlight: Bui Huong Giang, Vietnam

    Hailing from Vietnam, Bui Houng is a fourth-year Bachelor’s student of biotech whose favorite subject is bread technology – the study of different types of bread and how they’re made. Besides studies, she loves fashion design, modeling, and content creation. In this interview, we dive deep into her life and learn about all the memories that she has made over a period of almost five years in St. Petersburg.


  • Culture Shock and How To Deal With It

    Moving overseas for higher education is an exciting prospect for many. Every year, numerous students leave the comfort of their homes to study in a foreign land – which, obviously, has several benefits. But while exploring new cities and people can be exhilarating, culture shock is prevalent among international students. Why does it happen? Can it be avoided? What are the best practices to deal with it?