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  • New Master’s Program ‘Data, Culture and Visualization’ at ITMO University: Digital Humanities for Everyone

    ITMO University is launching the new Master’s program Data, Culture and Visualization, designed for humanities specialists interested in learning about data analysis and for IT specialists who’d like to start working with humanities data. In the process, students will get to work on projects with some of the program’s partners in the industry: tech companies, museums, and theaters. Upon graduation, they will have an opportunity to work in digital marketing, social media and market research, cultural heritage management, and other modern creative fields.


  • Datathon on Texts Annotation: How Programmers and Humanities Specialists Analyze Texts

    This past weekend, ITMO University held the first ever datathon on texts annotation. Over 80 participants from different fields, from programming to humanities, competed to solve the tasks on the linguistic annotation of historical and culturological sources. The datathon came hand in hand with an extensive educational program presented by educators of the seminar on natural language processing organized by ITMO together with Huawei. In their presentations, they focused on topical tasks of the applied artificial intelligence and modern trends in the field of natural language processing. Here’s more about the datathon.


  • ITMO University Launches Digital Humanities Research Lab

    DHlab is going to be the first initiative in St. Petersburg that is dedicated to Digital Humanities, a field of science right at the junction between IT and liberal arts. Among the research interests of the new laboratory that brought together both programmers and specialists in humanities are data visualization, mapping, and integrating such technologies as Big Data and machine learning into interdisciplinary projects.