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  • Spelling a Story Bit by Bit: How To Get Into Data Journalism

    In a world overflowing with data, we rely on big data analysts to process, categorize, analyze, and visualize it all. But if we want to make sense of this data and turn it into a digestible socially-relevant story, we will need the skills of data journalists. As the volume of data we produce increases, so does the demand for these all-around experts in analysis, storytelling, and visualization. Read on to find out more about data journalism and where you can learn to do it.


  • Turning Complex Into Simple: How To Visualize Data and Get Your Message Across

    Data visualization is a language, in which each interactive map and neat diagram stand for massive amounts of data that had to be processed, presented and explained in an accessible manner. That is what students learn to do at the scientific storytelling course offered within ITMO’s Master’s program in science communication. The course was developed by Aleksandr Bogachev, a specialist in data visualization, infographics, and data journalism, as well as the author of the book Graphics That Convince Everyone, who quit his career in medicine to work with data and charts. ITMO.NEWS talked to Aleksandr to learn more about why people develop passion for figures and how to become data fluent.