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  • Teaching AI to Discover New Laws of Nature

    At ITMO, scientists have developed a digital tool called EPDE that can identify new laws of nature; it describes its findings using mathematical equations and even provides possible solutions. ITMO.NEWS talked to Alexander Khvatov, the head of the Laboratory for Composite AI, about the creation of the new tool, its successes, and possible new applications.


  • ITMO Graduate Nikolai Golos on Brainstorming and Launching a Startup

    By the end of his Master's studies, Nikolai Golos, now an ITMO graduate, had already launched two startups – the Funbo gaming project and Metrica.Guru analytics service – while still working at Tinkoff bank. ITMO.NEWS met with Nikolai to learn more about coming up with innovative ideas for new projects and launching your own startup.


  • St. Petersburg to Get a Unified Human Capital Development Platform

    ITMO University’s industrial partner St. Petersburg company Netrika has taken part in today’s discussion of a unified information system “Human Сapital Development Platform”. The new system is aimed at helping each citizen discover their professional path all the way from high school to retirement. It is not only prospective employees who will benefit from this development, but employers and universities too. The concept of the system was presented at the Internet and Modern Society Conference that took place at ITMO University last week and brought together experts from different fields. ITMO.NEWS talked to Natalya Bystrova, a lead expert in the Education category, about the purpose of the platform and its defining features.