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  • How to Start New Year Properly According to Russian Folk Culture

    There are numerous dos and don’ts in folk culture when it comes to winter holidays, since this is one of the most crucial periods of the year that sets the tone for how the next year is going to go. Are some of these still applicable today? Can we learn anything from them? Let’s find out.


  • New Year in Russia: Traditional Snacks & Appetizers

    With Olivier, furry herring, and a zillion other mayo mixes, Russians take their festive foods very seriously. Apart from these New Year’s mainstays, the tables will soon be piled high with other, no less delicious meals that are a hit with everyone.


  • To Dot or Not To Dot: Letter Ё in Russian Alphabet

    The letter ё (yo), which is currently found in over 15,000 Russian words, not counting names and surnames, was added to the Russian alphabet 240 years ago – but disputes over its usage have persisted ever since. 


  • Five Soviet Cartoon Characters That Became Memes

    While the viral Barbenheimer and classic pointing-Spider-Man memes might be only the tip of the iceberg, Russian online culture can boast a treasure trove of lesser-known, niche memes that, among many other things, depict well-liked characters from iconic Soviet cartoons – and they’re not that kid-friendly.


  • Anthills and Potatoes: Popular Russian Desserts with Unique and Funny Names

    Do Russians eat ants for dessert? Why do they sell potatoes at bakeries? And why would one buy a rum-woman early in the morning? In Russia, there are plenty of desserts with less-than-delicious names – but trust us, you'd be a fool not to try them.


  • Russian Ads We Quote Every Day

    Previously, we’ve told you about the ads that, for one reason or another, stay with us for years on end. Today, we’re looking at the ones that have gone even further and entered our private lexicon – or even the public consciousness. Next time you hear a Russian friend say one of these puzzling lines, you might just know exactly what they’re talking about.


  • 5 Classic Russian Plays You Should Know

    Apart from novels and poems, Russian literature can boast a myriad of other poetic and literary gems, with plays being no less popular or beloved. To get you familiar with the genre, here are the top five plays that every Russian knows – and can even give you a quote or two.


  • Russian Texting Slang Explained

    If you still can’t get your head around the Russian smiley and all those acronyms, we’re here to help you crack the secret code and pick up some go-to phrases for your student group chats.


  • Five Items For a True Russian Spring Fashion Look

    Come rain or shine, we here in St. Petersburg know how to stay comfy and stylish in any weather. Below, you will find a list of five items that you might spot on the streets this spring. Luring sunshine in, resisting snow and rain, and just slaying in any weather – you will learn to dress to accomplish all that and more in this article.


  • 5 Surprising Facts About Russian New Year

    What’s Old New Year? Who is Kysh Babay? And why won’t a new year come unless Zhenya and his friends go to the banya? Find all the answers below.