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  • White New Year: Soviet Cartoons Sparkling with Snow

    The winter wonderland in St. Petersburg can melt in a minute but the magic of old Soviet cartoons where snow is setting the stage has withstood the test of time. Turn on translation subtitles or practice your Russian as you gear up for real snow. 


  • Make It Magical: Guide to Russian New Year’s

    As the year draws to a close and everyone slips into holiday mode, it’s time to start thinking about how to make your New Year’s magical – and why not do it the Russian way with a late heart-warming dinner, some sparkling wine, and a visit by the one and only Ded Moroz and his granddaughter Snegurochka. Here's everything you need to know to ring in the new year like a Russian.


  • Russian New Year’s Superstitions: Building a Better Year Together in 2021

    Did you know that cleaning your house on New Year’s Eve may sweep away any luck coming your way, while wearing the wrong clothes can make the next year's symbol angry? These are just some of the most common superstitions that could bring you luck in a new year. And as we’re not taking any chances, especially this year, let’s dig into all the dos and don’ts of the upcoming New Year’s Eve together. We promise that as the clock strikes midnight, you won’t turn into a pumpkin (unless that's what you wish for).


  • Decorate For the Holidays Like a Russian

    Paper clips, tangerine peels, cotton wool... If you can’t comprehend what this random set of items has to do with festive decorations, most likely you have never had the opportunity to visit your Russian friend’s house on New Year’s Eve. To fix this situation until the beautiful fir tree starts dropping its needles, let me invite you to the outlandish but charming winter fairytale that comes true within the four walls of an apartment somewhere in Russia.


  • How To: Outdoor Ice Rinks

    So, December is finally here and the temperatures are slowly getting lower, practically inviting us to partake in all kinds of winter activities – preferably those that are outdoors and allow for social distancing. Ice rinks sound like an exciting idea but you’ve never been to one? We’ve got your back! Here’s our handy guide on what to expect on an ice rink. 


  • Russia on Film: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Donning fur coats year round, drinking vodka with every meal, and plotting evil schemes are just some of the ways in which filmmakers love to portray Russians. But are they true? Let me take my ushanka off and take a closer look at some of the most common stereotypes.


  • Speak Like a Russian: Phrases From Soviet Movies We Know by Heart

    Well, you alcoholics, idlers, hooligans… Who wants to work today? This is not us picking on you – it's a quote from a famous Soviet movie that every Russian knows by heart. These mind-boggling catchphrases and witticisms might have you scratching your head when you hear your friends use them, seemingly at random. But they're part of the Russian psyche, and you can get in on the game!


  • Compote: A Russian Fruity Drink You Have To Try

    This is not compote, said my British colleague Lorna. We were having lunch at the stolovaya – the cafeteria – and she was looking at the liquid in her glass. “Compote is preserved fruit. You can cut it with a knife,” she said. “Oh, but this is different,” I said. “You have to try it.”


  • To Yandex or Not to Yandex: Russian Apps to Make Your Life Easier

    Tech giants like Amazon, Facebook, and Apple are taking over the world. We uber to places, facetime our friends, and google things up even when we do not exactly use Uber, Facetime, and Google, respectively. But what is just as popular in Russia?


  • 4 Incredible Russian Churches Off the Beaten Track

    The many cathedrals of St. Petersburg certainly get their fair share of tourist attention – no true Instagram blogger would fail to capture those when they get to visit the city. Today, however, we are taking you on a tour of some of Russia’s lesser-known churches – the hidden gems of unique architecture, unrivaled craftsmanship and rich historical heritage.