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  • Russian Texting Slang Explained

    If you still can’t get your head around the Russian smiley and all those acronyms, we’re here to help you crack the secret code and pick up some go-to phrases for your student group chats.


  • Five Items For a True Russian Spring Fashion Look

    Come rain or shine, we here in St. Petersburg know how to stay comfy and stylish in any weather. Below, you will find a list of five items that you might spot on the streets this spring. Luring sunshine in, resisting snow and rain, and just slaying in any weather – you will learn to dress to accomplish all that and more in this article.


  • 5 Surprising Facts About Russian New Year

    What’s Old New Year? Who is Kysh Babay? And why won’t a new year come unless Zhenya and his friends go to the banya? Find all the answers below.


  • Sbiten and Vzvar: Slavic Way to Gluehnwein

    Tea and coffee were brought to Russia relatively recently, but, as you can imagine, hot beverages have always been a necessity in our climate. What kind of drinks were they, other than Ivan chai?


  • Best Russian Ads: From Soviet Times to Present Day

    Oh, the gems that the world of advertising sometimes supplies us with! Today, we tuned into our nostalgia and awe to pull together this extravaganza of Russian ads through the years. Enjoy!


  • Don’t Get Skinny Like a Russian: Tackling Common Food Myths

    Growing up, many of us heard some seemingly absurd things about what it means to eat healthy – and some of us have even witnessed these practices in action. In this article, we look at the best of the worst eating advice to be found on the Russian granny grapevine.


  • Start of the Academic Year: Handy Hints and Useful Links

    So your first year of university is kicking off this week. What resources are out there to help you get prepared? If you’re just moving to St. Petersburg for the first time, we’ve already prepared a special guide to help you consider all the important aspects of your big move. Now we want to help you dive into student life. The countdown is on.


  • What Can You Buy in St. Petersburg for 100 Rubles in 2022?

    Nothing and yet everything has changed since our first piece on this economic benchmark in 2019. At the time of writing of this text, 100 rubles equals about $1.3 or €1.17, roughly the same as before, while the city has made great strides in the cheap-yet-relatively-decent coffee department. If this bill is burning a hole in your pocket, here’s what it can get you in February of 2022. 


  • Top Russian Remakes of Popular Shows & Series to Boost Your Russian

    What if The Office was about the everyday life of Russian nine-to-fivers and the main character of The Sopranos was not a middle-aged mobster struggling with his mental health but a Russian gangster from the ’90s? While some stories remain untouched, others become so popular in Russia that they get their own adaptations. Here are a few popular shows and series to help you explore the Russian language and culture through familiar sets and storylines.


  • 5 Russian Must-Know Singers Topping the Charts

    Who would make it to the Russian Coachella if there ever was one? Who is at the top of Russian TikTok fame? Who are the people most of your Russian groupmates would have on Spotify? Here’s our take on who to stream in the Russian music industry now.