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  • What Can You Buy in St. Petersburg for 100 Rubles in 2022?

    Nothing and yet everything has changed since our first piece on this economic benchmark in 2019. At the time of writing of this text, 100 rubles equals about $1.3 or €1.17, roughly the same as before, while the city has made great strides in the cheap-yet-relatively-decent coffee department. If this bill is burning a hole in your pocket, here’s what it can get you in February of 2022. 


  • Top Russian Remakes of Popular Shows & Series to Boost Your Russian

    What if The Office was about the everyday life of Russian nine-to-fivers and the main character of The Sopranos was not a middle-aged mobster struggling with his mental health but a Russian gangster from the ’90s? While some stories remain untouched, others become so popular in Russia that they get their own adaptations. Here are a few popular shows and series to help you explore the Russian language and culture through familiar sets and storylines.


  • 5 Russian Must-Know Singers Topping the Charts

    Who would make it to the Russian Coachella if there ever was one? Who is at the top of Russian TikTok fame? Who are the people most of your Russian groupmates would have on Spotify? Here’s our take on who to stream in the Russian music industry now.


  • Must-Know YouTubers in Russia

    From insightful interviews to breathtaking travelogs to snarky comedy, Russian-speaking YouTube has much to offer! Here’s who to stream to improve your Russian and widen your horizons.


  • Make Borscht Like a Russian

    Make on Monday, eat all week. Invite friends. Have a borscht party. Veggie-rich and hearty, borscht is a perfect winter dish you can master and impress your friends at home and in Russia


  • Dress Like a Russian: Holiday Costumes

    Snowflake, bunny, or squirrel – choose the perfect outfit for this New Year with our childhood-inspired list!


  • New Year in Russia: All You Need to Know

    The holidays are approaching faster than ever before, and it’s high time to review all the relevant traditions, superstitions, and lifehacks to have your best New Year’s in Russia. So suit up and let’s go!


  • Wanted: Ded Moroz, Snegurochka, and Other Russian New Year’s Characters

    Two legends in fur hats and coats. Stealing the hearts of all kids (and many adults) with magic and generosity every year. Last seen on New Year’s night. Does it ring any bells? Meet the two main symbols of the New Year in Russia.


  • Like a Local: Where to Get the Best Tote Bags in the City

    Tote bags have seemingly become a true fashion statement of young people in St. Petersburg. Everywhere you go, you are likely to spot someone wearing a new original design to channel their love for books and coffee or promote an important cause. So where do people get these trendy items? Fret not, here’s our list of the top places to get your keys to the hearts of all St. Pete’s millennials.


  • Not Only Russian: 5 Most Spoken National Languages in Russia

    From Tatar to Yaghnobi, Russia is home to over 100 unique languages, not to mention various dialects and variants. Even though Russian is recognized as the only official language, the country’s many ethnic groups remain true to the languages of their ancestors even today.