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  • Do Soup Therapy Like a Russian

    As the days get shorter and darker, how about a bowl of hot, hearty soup to cure the blues? Try local flavors and maybe feel better as a bonus. 


  • Find Anything Like a Russian

    Need to buy a new desk or weatherproof boots? Sell your old couch? Find a new pet, or a new apartment? Here are just some of the places where one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. 


  • Try If You Dare: Five Scary (and Delicious) Russian Foods

    Ooey, gooey, slimey, gluey… We’re not talking candy corn here. We’re talking hardcore, vegetarian-unfriendly, Halloween-every-day kind of staples. Here’s what’s lingering in the dimly lit caverns of a Russian fridge.


  • Read News Like a Russian

    In any country, news is more than just what’s happening. It’s an insight into what’s important to the people and how they see the world. Curious about what's happening with buckwheat prices or what’s hot in sneakers? Here's where to put your newly-acquired Russians skills to use (or let Google Translate do the heavy lifting).


  • Pickle Like a Russian

    Crunchy, refreshing and super easy to make – Russian dill pickles pack in all the autumn flavor and none of the fuss, turning you into an instant celebrity chef.


  • 5 Ways to Deal with Culture Shock

    Moving to a new country is a huge step even for an intrepid traveler. Now that the “honeymoon stage” of your experience - when things are new and exciting - might be giving way to the less exciting aspects of settling into your new environment, here are some strategies to help you adjust.


  • Recycle Like a Russian

    This week, the United Nations General Assembly is meeting in New York to discuss the climate crisis. Inspired by Greta Thunberg,  a 16-year-old Swedish environmental activist, and an overall growing awareness, thousands of people around the world are stepping up their recycling and reusing efforts. You, too, can do your share of real, tangible good. Here's how in St. Petersburg. 


  • Save Money Like a Russian

    To many Russians, scoring bargains «по акции» – as in “on a promotional offer”– is a sport as well as a way of curbing the spending. Even the people who take their family on expensive vacations are very likely to stock up on shampoos on sale (and stash them in their balcony) or travel across town for a deal on seasonal fruit. Here’s how to get in on the action.


  • Ready for Take-Off: Happy New School Year!

    The new school year is here and so are the new exciting adventures! It’s a little scary too - but so are most things that are worth their salt. So here’s to getting off to a great start!


  • 5 Surprises about Life in St. Petersburg

    From convenient grocery shopping to great coffee, here's what to embrace and avoid. 


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