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  • From Subway Tokens to Quick-Charge Modules: How ITMO Specialists Change Transport Infrastructure

    Few know that the first turnstiles to appear in the St. Petersburg Metro back in 1958 were developed by the ITMO student Boris Grinchel. It was also he who came up with the token-based payment system that we still use today. Over 60 years have passed, but the specialists at ITMO University continue to develop new transport technologies. In this article, we’ll be looking at other projects in this field that are currently being developed at the university.


  • ITMO Researchers Involved in Developing Driverless Train

    Since February 2021, ITMO University, together with the Research and Design Institute for Information Technology, Signalling and Telecommunications in Railway Transportation (JSC NIIAS) collaborated on the development of a driverless train that will be launched in Moscow Central Circle. The staff and students of the Faculty of Secure Information Technologies have the task of proving the functional safety of automated railway transportation. ITMO.NEWS talked to Ilya Popov, the project’s head from ITMO’s side, and learned about testing trains in a lab, about when the transition to complete automation is expected to take place, and what are the key problems that are yet to be solved in this field.


  • What’s Next for the Self-Driving Cars Market?

    Why doesn’t it make any sense to call the future’s smart vehicles “self-driving”, “autonomous”, or even “cars”? This and other questions were covered by Andrey Kuznetsov, who has a PhD in sociology, in his recent lecture titled “Fear and Fascination in the World of Self-Driving Cars: What Will Merging IT and Automotive Industry Lead to?”. ITMO.NEWS presents the main keynotes.


  • ITMO Graduate Roman Yanalov on Working on a Self-Driving Car at Yandex

    Roman Yanalov graduated from ITMO University’s Master’s program in Design of Embedded Computing Systems in 2014. Since then, he has worked in game development and at a company developing assistance systems for drivers – all of which led him to join a team working on the creation of self-driving cars at Yandex. ITMO.NEWS spoke to Roman to learn more about his current work, university studies and the opportunities offered by the Master’s program. 


  • ITMO’s R&D Project Results and Their Applications

    Year after year, dozens, even hundreds of ITMO’s students and PhD researchers conduct their research. Their topics are set, teams are formed, projects are created and developed, their results are defended, – but what happens next? Are these results left on a dusty shelf somewhere, or do they find their application in the real world? ITMO.NEWS talked to three project leaders, PhD students and staff members at ITMO’s Faculty of Secure Information Technologies, and found out what’s in store for their PhD theses. 


  • Yandex Director of Marketing Andrey Sebrant: We’re Living in the Age of Implementation

    On December 18, the Winter School “It’s Your Call!”, organized by ITMO University and Sberbank, began its second season. 180 bachelor and Master’s students from all over Russia joined each other in St. Petersburg. On the first day, Andrey Sebrant – Yandex company’s Director of Product Marketing – welcomed the students and shared some advice on how not to get lost on one’s journey into the future.


  • ITMO Researchers Study the Prospects of Switching to Driverless Transport

    The rapid development of driverless vehicles makes it quite possible that in the coming decades, the role of drivers in transport will gradually peter out. ITMO’s researchers decided to model a situation  when all private transport in St. Petersburg is replaced by autonomous cars that work as taxis. It turned out that the amount of taxis necessary to meet the city’s transport demand is ten times less than the number of private cars in the city, the average ride through the city will take about 16 minutes, and the wait time for 85% of the rides will be less than 10 minutes. Valentina Solovyova, staff member for ITMO's “Optimal Transport Systems” Laboratory expanded on the research in an interview for ITMO.NEWS.