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  • Our Favorite Russian Household Hacks

    There’s always something deeply satisfying about learning a new life hack: perhaps it’s the ability to make your life slightly easier, or maybe it’s the thrill of knowing a little “secret” that few others possess. Whatever it is, many will attest that Russian households are always home to time-honored – and sometimes peculiar – hacks that combine ingenuity and efficiency. Here are some of our team’s favorites.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: March 11-12, 2023

    From multisensory experiences to fun-packed thrift hunts, we know how to make the most out of today’s day off – and prep for the yet upcoming weekend.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: April 2-3, 2022

    From ceramics classes to indoor and outdoor exhibitions, we’ve got plenty of ideas for what to do, see, and explore this weekend.


  • Five Orthodox Easter Activities

    This year, Russian Orthodox Easter falls on May 2. What do Orthodox Russians usually do on this day?


  • Russian Easter: a Feast of Cheer

    Russian Orthodox Easter, one of two most important holidays in the Orthodox Calendar, will be celebrated this coming Sunday, April 8.