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  • Harvard Professor Stefanie Stantcheva on the Role of Surveys and Experiments in Economy

    Stefanie Stantcheva, one of 2018’s best young economists according to The Economist, has recently given a talk as part of a guest lecture series at the New Economic School (NES) and talked about why the public's perceptions of economic problems are valuable for scientists. In this article, ITMO.NEWS sums up the main points of her speech.


  • Results of European Parliament Discussion on Robot Economy

    The European Parliament has recently hosted a workshop on the topic “Economy of Robots”. Although a complete integration of robots and AI into humanity’s everyday life is expected to come in a few generations, the process has already begun. Experts outlined the issues that may arise in the meantime. Among the workshop’s participants were Aleksandr Kapitonov, a research assistant at ITMO’s Department of Computer Science and Control Systems, and Sergei Lonshakov, an ITMO alumnus and founder of Airalab.