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  • ITMO Scientists Suggest New Method to Make More Adaptive and Autonomous Robots

    Scientists from ITMO have come up with a three-step algorithm for the development of manipulators and walking or wearable robots. Compared to the usual methods, the new approach results in lighter, more efficient, affordable, and compact mechanisms. Walking robots that can move without having a full map of their surroundings are just one example of the designs produced by the new method. Another is the jumping robot made by the researchers to demonstrate their new algorithm. Read on to discover more.


  • SEWAN 2021 International Conference: How Pandemic Affects Energy Industry and Vaccine Storage Management

    ITMO University has held the third International Scientific Conference on Sustainable and Efficient Use of Energy, Water and Natural Resources SEWAN 2021, where the university acted as the organizer together with Tomsk Polytechnic University. At the conference, researchers discussed when the global fuel and power complex will return to pre-COVID metrics, how to maintain the temperature conditions for vaccine storage, and how to make houses more efficient.  


  • The Future of Hard Drives: Hot Bits and Laser Recordings

    Alexandra Kalashnikova, head of the Ferroics Physics Laboratory at the Ioffe Institute and an associate professor at ITMO, has given a public talk at the Open Lectorium at New Holland Island. In an hour, she explained why we still use magnetic hard drives and will keep doing so in the coming decades.