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  • 4 Great Science Documentaries to Watch This Week

    Who said learning can’t be fun? In this article, we look at a few acclaimed documentaries that explore science in all its forms: the technology that forms our daily life, the wonders of life that exist around us, and the possibilities held by outer space. So, grab a snack, dim the lights, and let’s go!


  • Inspiration Overflow: Movies That Motivate Us

    As fall gets windier and gloomier, we turn to our trusty sources of comfort — warm blankets and scarves, tea or coffee, and movies, the heroes of the hour. Here’s our team’s favorite pick-me-up motivational films that keep us going in times of trouble. Enjoy!


  • Our Guilty Pleasure Songs

    Sure, we’d all prefer to be seen as sophisticated enjoyers of the most refined tunes. But deep inside, everyone knows there’s no feeling better than rocking out to a fun tune, even if you’ll look ridiculous doing it. Here are some of our team’s most secretive guilty pleasures – brought to light.


  • Song of the Month: Our Summer Anthems

    Summer has neared its end, and we’re already excited to see it return next year. In the meantime, we’re making the most of the remaining few weeks of warmth and relishing the memories made over those sunny months. Helping us in this endeavor are the tunes we’ve been listening to – joyous, hopeful, chill, or upbeat, but all symbolic of this wonderful season. Check them out!


  • Love, Quantum Physics, and Robots: Inside ITMO’s New Admissions Campaign Trailer

    On June 19, the online streaming service Kinopoisk released a trailer for a film titled Quantum Entanglement. In just 10 days, the film’s page was visited by more than 10 thousand users. Though many had assumed it was an actual film and added it to their watchlist, on June 29 ITMO University announced that the trailer was actually a part of its admissions campaign. We decided to find out how the trailer was filmed – and what easter eggs the viewers should be on the lookout for.


  • Russian Ads We Quote Every Day

    Previously, we’ve told you about the ads that, for one reason or another, stay with us for years on end. Today, we’re looking at the ones that have gone even further and entered our private lexicon – or even the public consciousness. Next time you hear a Russian friend say one of these puzzling lines, you might just know exactly what they’re talking about.


  • Our White Nights Soundtrack

    It is the most magical time of the year in St. Petersburg. We’re talking about the white nights, of course! Whether you prefer to enjoy them out on the town or from the comfort of your room, in a rowdy crowd of friends or by your lonesome, one fact is true: you need a soundtrack. Here are our favorites for any scenario, taste, and mood.


  • Songs for Our Dream Karaoke Night

    Sometimes all you need is just a few well-crafted lines sung (or screamed) at the top of your lungs to make any day better. Here are our top picks for the job! And what are yours?


  • Our Team’s Picks for a Productive Commute

    Here at the office, we have many things in common. For instance, all of us have to take various means of transport every morning to get here. Hopefully, by now you know that we are the original kind and we don’t just spend this time on our phones. What do we do instead? Read on for some quirky inspiration from yours truly.


  • Springtime Gladness: Tunes to Greet the New Season

    Even though winter doesn’t seem ready to release its grip on the city just yet, we’re still excited for March to arrive. As you brave the cold, listen to these songs that put a spring in our step – and the sunny days will seem much, much closer.