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  • Best Movies and TV to Binge This Holiday Season

    The weeks after New Year’s are perfect for staying home, surrounding yourself with friends and snacks (friends optional), and enjoying some quality entertainment. Here is our guide to the season’s recent and upcoming releases that have us hyped for January binging.


  • Stand-Up Specials to Beat the Fall Blues

    Rainy gray November getting you down? Laugh it off! Here are our top picks for funny, intelligent, and mood-boosting comedy specials that will cheer you up even on the gloomiest day.


  • For Two and More: Best Local Co-Op Games on PC

    Whether you want to join your forces to make a daring escape from prison, get love advice from a goofy book, or finally settle who reigns supreme, there’s a co-op game here for you.


  • Song of the Month: August 2021

    August could win in a contest for the most romantic month of the year – and we naturally spent it wrapped up in our favorite music. Tune in to our headphones and let's relive the last month of summer 2021. 


  • Song of the Month: June 2021

    Here’s our monthly musical report: check out what kind of tunes we’ve been enjoying during these surprisingly hot summer days! As always, the list is quite diverse, so we’re pretty sure you’ll find something to your liking.   


  • Song of the Month: May 2021

    May is often a busy month, especially for students, but it also brings us the year's first warm days that are not to be missed! Here are the tunes that helped us make it through this period full of deadlines and enjoy some happy moments in spite of everything.  


  • The Magic of Neural Networks

    First envisioned in the 1950s, neural networks are now all the rage: they’ve taken over the media and even your day-to-day life. After having a few profound conversations with Siri or Alexa, enjoying some perfectly-picked tunes on your personalized radio, or unexpectedly seeing your long-lost friend on your social media feed, you may start to wonder what else is in the power of neural networks.


  • Song of the Month: April 2021

    April! Sun! Spring! Need we say more? Maybe – but who’s got the time when it’s so pretty outside! Just grab your headphones, put on our selection of the month’s top tunes, and head out!


  • From Sci-Fi to Real-Life: Five Predictions on the Future of Technologies

    When such words as smartphones, 3D printing, and quantum computing were yet alien concepts and humans could only dream of stepping on the Moon and exploring the other worlds with the blessing of science, virtuosos of words found a way to glimpse into the future. From translation robots and high-tech gadgetry to space flights and artificial food – here’s a list of five books that foresaw the future even better than The Simpsons.


  • Song of the Month: March 2021

    It’s March, the most musically-named month of the year! And although we spent much of it beleaguered by blizzard and frost, now that the sun’s out and the temperatures are breaking century-old records, we’re ready to put on some good tunes and meet spring at its best. Here are our top musical picks of the month: