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  • Climate Change Denial: A Response Strategy for Scientists and Eco Journalists

    What can we do if someone on TV says that climate change is a myth? How can the scientific community and science communicators react to such claims? And how can they broadcast the actual facts ignored by an army of climate change deniers? During a recent workshop, the students of ITMO University's Science Communication Master's program were guided by climatologist Alexander Chernokulsky as they analyzed a recent news report to develop a strategy for researchers and communicators.


  • Aquaformations and Communication With Nature: Artist Talk With Robertina Sebjanic

    On January 21, ITMO University’s Art & Science Center hosted a meeting with Robertina Sebjanic, an artist and a researcher. ITMO.NEWS provides the rundown.


  • Global Warming and Cold: How Refrigeration Industry Reacts to Contemporary Challenges

    Global warming is one of the most discussed topics of our time. According to the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) estimates, if we don’t take any action now the average temperature around the globe will rise by 3,7–4,8°С. Production of harmful substances used in the refrigeration industry contributes to the existing environmental problems. ITMO University has recently hosted Global Warming: The Main Challenge for Refrigeration Industry, a conference where experts in the field got to discuss the prospects of the industry, the ways to solve the issue of ozone layer depletion and transition to more eco-friendly technologies. ITMO.NEWS asked the participants about the main trends in the industry and the key projects currently in development.