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  • Eleni Bouzouka: When I Draw, I Can Understand Myself Better Because My Art Reflects My Life

    Greek ITMO student Eleni Bouzouka is currently residing in Berlin as an Erasmus student. She is enrolled in the Master’s program Thermophysical processes and technologies at the Faculty of Low Temperature Energy.


  • Science Communicator Fred Balvert: 'For a Journalist, Geniuine Interest Matters More Than Knowledge'

    Why is communication such an important part of science? Why should we improve the society’s trust in research? How does a science communicator create correct and yet simple texts? Fred Balvert, science communicator at Erasmus University Medical Centre Rotterdam, answered these and other questions in an interview for ITMO.NEWS.


  • ITMO Helps Train Optical Systems Design Specialists in Collaboration with European Union

    ITMO University has successfully completed its participation in the ADOPSYS (ADvancedOPticalSYStemDesign) project, conducted as part of the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme’s Marie Curie international mobility fellowship. The project aims to train elite young specialists in the field of applied optics. Per the grant’s provisions, the university was to educate a European student on the design of applied optical systems. Project work was conducted at ITMO’s Research Laboratory for Computer-Aided Design of Optical-Information and Energy Saving Systems.


  • International Relations at ITMO University in 2016: Successes and Plans

    Over the last year, ITMO University has participated in various international events, ranging from conferences and seminars to exhibitions and award ceremonies. Such participation increases the University’s visibility on a global scale, expands its relationships with international professors and faculty from the top universities in the world. But how can you actually measure ITMO University’s effectiveness in international relations? By the number of international students? The university’s news portal together with the Vice Rector for International Relations, Daria Kozlova explained why we need international educational conferences and how participating in them influences the university’s development.