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  • 5 Paintings To See in Hermitage’s General Staff Building

    With its trove of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist masterpieces, the General Staff Building, part of the grand Hermitage Museum, may be quite overwhelming to first-time visitors as other St. Petersburg attractions. If tackling the museum’s premises seems like a challenge to you, zero in on these five must-sees to gain a rather sharp cross-section of its permanent collection.


  • St. Petersburg’s Architectural Gems: Brutalism

    St. Petersburg is a town of three epochs – and each has added to its appearance, making it the city we know and love. Its historical center and suburbs reflect its past as the capital of an empire; recent additions to the city’s landscape, like the Lakhta Center or the new districts, speak of its ambitious present. Oddly enough, the city’s Soviet heritage is often overlooked in this regard – so, this time, let’s talk about one of its most impressive aspects: the Brutalist architecture.   


  • Virtual Splendor: St. Petersburg in Video Games

    With its striking, timeless look, St. Petersburg is a city that lends itself well to every medium. We’ve already told you about the many appearances it has made in cinema, both Russian and international, but today, we’ll focus on the most interactive way to (re-)experience the city: video games. From painstaking recreations to vibes-based amalgamations, here are some of the best ways to explore St. Petersburg in virtual form:


  • The City of Superlatives: Smallest Landmarks in St. Petersburg

    Welcome to the first installment of our new series, in which we look at St. Petersburg through the lens of its “record-breaking” landmarks. Today, it’s all about the smallest, narrowest, and shortest – the devil is in the details and a city’s charm is often in its tiniest attractions. Let’s explore them today!


  • Exploring Religious Diversity of St. Petersburg: Rules and Etiquette

    Thanks to its historic and architectural features, the city's many churches, temples, and cathedrals are also some of its iconic landmarks. Welcoming visitors of all faiths and denominations, they also have distinct customs to be honored. Here’s our guide on how to explore the city’s religious diversity as a tourist. 


  • Unexplored St. Petersburg: Narvskaya Zastava

    As spring melts the snow underfoot and brightens the sky above, staying at home almost feels like a crime. Let’s go for a walk and explore the area around the Narvskaya metro station, known for its garden-city charm and Soviet architectural layers.


  • This Week in St. Petersburg: March 7-13, 2024

    We can barely believe it ourselves, but it seems spring is in full swing: it’s sunny, it’s warm(-ish), and the days are getting longer. This week, thanks to International Women’s Day, we also get a longer weekend, which brings even more opportunities to enjoy the city’s luscious cultural life. Here’s what to put on your calendar:


  • 5 Paintings To See in the Russian Museum

    Continuing our series on the must-sees at St. Pete's major museums, we're moving forward to the State Russian Museum – and its top five art pieces you cannot miss.


  • Foreign Movies Filmed in St. Petersburg

    It's no secret that St. Petersburg is a beloved location among Russian filmmakers. But did you know that the city has also welcomed numerous popular foreign film productions? In this article, we'll delve into movies that have taken advantage of the city's stunning backdrop.


  • Off to a Good Start: Top Breakfast Spots in St. Petersburg

    There is a side to St. Petersburg that is all about hedonism: relishing every bite of a tasty meal, enjoying the moment, and appreciating life as it comes. Going out for breakfast is one way you can experience this for yourself. Eggs, sandwiches, desserts, and more – let’s dive into the lively St. Pete breakfast scene!