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  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: February 21-23, 2021

    This week, if you’re in Russia, you have a nice bonus: an opportunity to celebrate the Defender of the Fatherland Day on February 23 and have not just two but three days off. Just keep in mind that this time, the weekend officially starts on Sunday. Take this chance to do everything you never have time to! From immersive exhibitions and popular artwork to markets bustling with perfect gifts for each upcoming holiday – we’ve got you even more than just covered.


  • In the Footsteps of the Greatest: A Literary Guide to St. Petersburg

    St. Petersburg has always been a magnet for the brightest minds: its streets have inspired a myriad masterpieces by such titans of Russian literature as Fyodor Dostoevsky, Alexander Pushkin, Nikolai Gogol, and others. Each nook and cranny of the city still recalls the lines of world-renowned characters. So, take a walk in the footsteps of Raskolnikov, unleash the hidden sides of the city’s main streets, and even find the nose of Major Kovalyov – all with our guide to St. Petersburg’s literary past and present.


  • One Perfect Day: Feel Italian in St. Petersburg

    Borders might still be closed, but why not enjoy a day of la dolce vita in Russia's most Italian city? Welcome dear friends, or as they say in Italy, benvenuti, cari amici!


  • 5 Interesting Bridges of St. Petersburg

    St. Petersburg is known for its many rivers, islands, and, consequently, bridges. You might think that winter is not the time for walking along wind-blown bridges, but who can really resist those Moon-like frozen waters surrounded by St. Pete's usual breathtaking views? So, here is my little guide for you, but with a little disclaimer first – this article is ever-so-slightly biased for I am a devoted Vasilyevsky Island admirer. Take this as a chance to get to know not only bridges, but also probably one of the cosiest islands the city has to offer – and enjoy! 


  • Winter Activities to Try in St. Petersburg: Newbie's Guide

    If you’re still convinced that the only legit thing to do to survive severe Russian winter is to lock yourself inside with a blanket and a laptop, we're ready to prove you lazybones wrong. Here’s our handy list of winter sports to help you get a joyful experience and warm up even on freezing days. Don’t forget to check the weather forecast and let’s go burn some calories from those holiday salads!


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: December 19-20, 2020

    The weekend’s fast approaching and your only plan is another junk food-fueled Netflix marathon before you call it a night? We feel ya. Luckily, there’s still plenty of action happening in St. Petersburg – both safe and fun. And whether you’re looking for some festive mood or things to keep your mind busy, we’ve rounded up some ideas that will, for sure, be right up your alley.


  • How To Survive Russian Winter: Tips From International Students and Staff

    There are plenty of stereotypes about winter in Russia, but in reality, you’ll probably never see a bear roaming snow-swept streets of St. Petersburg. However, those who face this frosty season unprepared risk putting their survival skills to a serious test. To make you more comfortable with a yet unfamiliar climate, we’ve asked our experienced international students and staff to reveal their secrets of living through the Russian winter without freezing a single finger.


  • 5 Things That Make St. Petersburg Russia's Cultural Capital

    St. Petersburg is a city with many names and faces: the Venice of the North, the Cradle of Three Revolutions, the City of White Nights – and, above all, the cultural capital of Russia. And if you’ve ever wondered about the origins of this honorable title, here are some facts and figures to convince you of its right to bear it. 


  • How To: Outdoor Ice Rinks

    So, December is finally here and the temperatures are slowly getting lower, practically inviting us to partake in all kinds of winter activities – preferably those that are outdoors and allow for social distancing. Ice rinks sound like an exciting idea but you’ve never been to one? We’ve got your back! Here’s our handy guide on what to expect on an ice rink. 


  • Finno-Ugric Spots of St. Petersburg

    Russia is known as a multinational country, and rightfully so – around 200 ethnic groups inhabit it and each of them has its own unique culture. Today, let’s talk about the Finno-Ugric peoples of Russia and where you can learn more about them without having to leave St. Petersburg.