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  • Songs That Keep Us Warm

    Today, we’re sharing our secret weapons in the imminent battle with the cold: the songs that warm our souls during the long fall and winter months. Let them offer you a warm hug, especially if you’ve been craving something to lift your spirits!


  • The Experiment: Testing Internet’s Top Advice for Beating the Fall Blues

    In this story, I’m saying no to any weather- or season-related sadness with a mixture of tips found in a quick googling session. Do they really work? Find out with me as I brave cold showers and snuggle in wool sweaters. 


  • DIY Herbarium or How to Make Summer Last

    The last weeks of relatively warm and dry weather that we’re probably going to enjoy this year are also a perfect chance to assemble a herbarium (a collection of dried plant specimens) that will brighten up the upcoming dark winter days. Here’s how to start.  


  • Our Take On Fighting the Fall Blues

    Returning to your usual routine might be a hard thing to do after the (more or less) relaxed summer days, especially when we’re talking about the fall in St. Petersburg, which typically comes hand in hand with constant rain and gloom. Here’s how our editorial team survives during this season.