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  • 'All We Have to Do is Work Harder': Head of ITMO's Science and Technology Foresight on Bett-2019

    School-level education is becoming increasingly more interactive and appealing to children. VR, AR and other technologies help get the students more involved and offer them knowledge of different subjects. Experts discussed these and other trends at Bett-2019, a major annual trade show dedicated to the use of hi-tech in education that takes place in London. Svetlana Kochkaeva, a manager at ITMO's Center for Science and Technology Foresight, attended the event and speaks about the field's novelties and the practices that Russia has yet to employ.


  • ITMO Joins New Foresight Project on Innovations

    Which sectors of the economy will be at the forefront of introducing relevant technologies like AI and data analysis? Which regulatory actions are necessary in order to make Russian innovative enterprises more efficient? Which innovative branches of the Russian industry will be offering most jobs in the coming years? ITMO University has recently become part of a workgroup on forecasting the implementation process of advanced digital and intelligent industrial technologies, robotic systems, new materials and construction methods, Big Data processing systems, machine learning and AI as envisioned by the Scientific and Technological Development Strategy of the Russian Federation. ITMO.NEWS spoke to Natalya Lukovnikova, head of the Center for Science and Technology Foresight, about this new project and the university’s contribution to it.


  • Youth Foresight Festival Tackles Future of Transportation

    Last night, at Peter and Paul fortress in St. Petersburg, a special opening of the Russian Youth Foresight Festival “Pravo Rulya” [or “Go Starboard!”] took place. The festival is devoted to transport and traffic. ITMO University’s Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations (FTMI), St. Petersburg’s Education Committee and St. Petersburg’s City Youth Art Palace are organizing the event for the second time for school and university students from the ages of 7 to 25. The festival will go on for an entire week, during which future transport systems will be discussed. ITMO.NEWS writes about the opening and what to expect in 2050.