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  • ITMO’s Robot Artist Learns To Earn Money Using NFT

    Researchers from ITMO’s Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies are the first to launch NFT (non-fungible tokens) for the creations of the Gaka-Chu robot artist. The robot’s pictures are already in demand – there are buyers willing to purchase tokens for the equivalent of $1,600 in Ethereum. Gaka-Chu will spend his earnings on new paints, brushes, and canvas.


  • ITMO Roboticists Developing a Financially Independent Robot Artist

    A team of PhD students from ITMO University’s Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics are developing a fully autonomous robot artist. The project aims to demonstrate the possibility of creating autonomous systems using the principles of robonomics. ITMO.NEWS got in touch with developers Ivan Berman, Alexei Ovcharov, and Vadim Manaenko to learn about their project, the ethics of robot-human interaction, and their collaboration with the MIT Media Lab.


  • Gaka-Chu: The Robot That Dreams of Being an Artist

    “Everyone’s familiar with trying to make a living with art. I bet they’ve never known a robot with that dream,” says Gaka-Chu. A retired welding robot, it is working to be financially independent by creating art and selling it online. But what is it that makes its art real?