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  • New Gaming Consoles: Learning From the Previous Generation

    In order to understand the pre-sale agitation surrounding the launch of the new consoles, we need to go back to 2013, when Xbox One and PS4 were at the beginning of their life cycle, just as Xbox Series X/S and PS5 are now. The thing is, such major companies as Microsoft and Sony do learn from their mistakes, since their mistakes are usually too costly to ignore. As a result, the marketing campaign you see surrounding the new consoles now is, in many ways, a product of this learning.


  • ITMO Graduate Dmitry 'Finargot' Plyusnin On His Career in Streaming and Russian Voice-over of Dota 2

    Dmitry Plyusnin graduated from the School of Computer Technologies and Control but has never worked in this field. ITMO.NEWS caught up with Dmitry to find out more about his Dota2VO media community, which he founded as a fourth-year student, and the first Russian voice-over of the popular game.


  • OverPro: ITMO Graduate On Launching Business in Esports

    OverPro is an online platform for Counter-Strike tournaments. The project was recently named best at ITMO Accelerator’s Demo Day. ITMO.NEWS talked to the project’s founder about its history, new ideas, and plans for the future.


  • Spend Your Evening at Home Like a Russian

    While there's always a lot to do in St. Petersburg, sometimes it's wise to just stay at home, especially with all this news about coronavirus. While wasting these hours on social networks or watching the next movie are always options, why not make it a device-free experience as well as learn a thing or two about Russian culture?


  • Three Video Games for a Ghostly Weekend

    Happy Halloween! With this spookiest holiday of them all setting the theme for an unusually long weekend, we thought we’d treat to you to our finest selection of eerie video games. These gems are a perfect fit for the occasion: not too long, just enough scary and mysterious, and leaving you with a bittersweet aftertaste of unanswered questions. 


  • First Graduates of Game Development Technologies Master’s Program: You Cannot Just Be a Programmer in GameDev

    This year marks the graduation of the first ever intake of the “Game Development Technologies” Master’s program. The former students are now on their way to changing the world of videogames. We had the chance to talk to the graduates and their professors about the benefits of this program, as well as  what it is that makes a game developer stand out from other IT specialists and makes people want to become one.


  • How Games are Changing Education

    One of the world’s largest educational events, ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Conference & Expo, has recently taken place in the USA. Each year, more than 24 thousand participants attend the conference to learn about the latest educational technologies. One of the recent years’ biggest trends discussed at the ISTE Conference & Expo was the integration of games in education. But is it possible to create useful and effective educational content for mobile platforms while achieving the same level of polish as that of WoW or Fortnite?


  • Creating a Dream Game: Advice from a Game Designer with 17-Year Industry Record

    Living in the office, relaxing at parties, and devoting six years to the creation of a dream game: this is how game designer Kirill Zolovkin describes his life. In his 17 years in the industry, he has worked his way to the top at the company OctoBox Interactive and won a multitude of awards. There have been other recognitions; for example, one of his games was streamed by PewDiePie, the gaming YouTuber extraordinaire. In his talk at an open day of the educational program “Game Development Technologies”, Kirill shared about stumbling blocks in video game development. 


  • St. Petersburg 2103: Building the City of the Future

    The “St. Petersburg 2103” exhibition about the past, present  and  future of the city has recently started in the Manege Central Exhibition Hall. Why did Catherine II want to make the city smaller, while Alexander I wanted to extend it? What does modern St. Petersburg look like? And what will it look like in the future, for example, when it turns 400 years old? The exhibitions give you an opportunity to think about the development of the city and try your hand as a developer with the help of an interactive game designed by scientists from ITMO University.


  • Gaming Your Way In Programming

    During the past several years, gamification of educational processes has become a trend in many areas. When getting ready for the Unified State Examinations or learning foreign languages, more and more students now prefer interactive forms to traditional textbooks. For this purpose, programmers create different platforms, but how can one learn programming in a similar manner? The answer is simple - the very same way, using platforms that allow to train certain skills in a game format. ITMO.NEWS would like to share about some of them.