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  • ITMO Researchers Zoom in on Spatial Ability

    Scientists from ITMO University together with their colleagues from the UK, Italy, and Russia examined the structure of human spatial abilities. These are the skills people use to navigate from point A to point B and solve a wide range of math problems. The study showed that these abilities structurally resemble a giant network with compass navigation being its core element. The researchers suggest that the improvement of navigation skills using cardinal directions may lead to the improvement of other spatial abilities, as well. Their work can potentially help create recommendations on how to enhance the learning process.


  • Researchers Highlight Inbreeding Among Amur Leopards Through Whole Genome Sequencing

    The genomes of 26 African and Asian leopards, including Amur leopards, were analyzed as part of research. As a result, the scientists uncovered surprising differences between the African and Asian groups of subspecies and noted a high level of inbreeding among leopards living in the Russian Far East, which might threaten the long-term existence of this subspecies. The research paper was published in Current Biology.